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Once our Elite team turns your green pool water clean again, we inspect and diagnose your pool to ensure it’s in the best condition to provide you with the most efficient method to bring it back to clarity. If the water is too algae-ridden for chemical treatment, we’ll drain the pool completely, pressure washes the surfaces, remove all debris and then refill the pool with fresh water. Regularly maintaining your pool will ensure that algae don’t bloom again. We will take the necessary measures to prevent your pool water from turning green again.

"I was in a pure frantic frenzy when we woke up over the weekend to a GREEN pool! My son is getting baptized in our backyard pool on the 4th of July- just days away! I called and left a voice message over the weekend and sent a crazy mom Facebook message, in hopes of getting a return call on Monday morning. Jennifer responded to me IMMEDIATELY on a SATURDAY, her day off. She had me send her photos of the pool, what chemicals we use, test our water and walked me through EXACTLY what to do. Recommended we go to a different pool supply company from what we had been using (old pool supply company mis advised us- wasting money and chemicals). After 1 day of her advice the pool was starting to clear up and today it's almost back to normal. This momma's heart is soooo thankful she saved my son's special day. Thank you to Elite Pool Service. I HIGHLY recommend them for any of your pool needs! They are timely, professional, friendly and CARING.

Side Note: I am a real estate agent and I will be giving all my business for my future buyers pool inspections to Elite Pool Service!"

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Green Pool Cleaning

Elite Pool Services - Algae Pool Removal attacks algae at their roots, effectively removing algae, moss, and green slime from any hard surface. Our wide range of swimming pool maintenance, repair, and cleaning services, has been providing effective pool algae removal for years and can ensure your pool is back in tip-top shape in no time. More about our pool services ›

Algae - Pool Clean Services

Algae can be a very annoying problem when it comes to residential pools. When algae start to form on pool surfaces, this is not only more difficult to clean the rest of the pool but also takes away from the relaxation and enjoyment of owning an outdoor oasis.

Most people who have a pool know the frustration of dealing with algae. Algae is a form of aquatic vegetation that grows in pools, but it can be very frustrating to deal with once it forms. Luckily, there are some different ways you can prevent the formation of algae in your pool.

One way is to not over-chlorinate into your water which can starve it of light that it needs to grow! Another important way to keep your pool algae-free is by adding an algaecide every once in a while. If you're concerned about how hard this process will be, don't worry.

There are many great ways to remove algae from pools including using a vacuum cleaner, chemical, or another type of cleaning equipment, or using physical tools like a brush to make your pool clean and free from algae. However, for the most part, algae removal is also a service that a lot of pool companies provide.

What Causes Pool Algae Problems?

Swimming pool algae are usually caused by two main factors: pool contamination and pool chemicals. When you use the same toys and suits at the lake and in the pool, you can bring algae home with you. All those leaves and lawn clippings that you’re constantly having to skim off and vacuum out of the water can also bring a truckload of little algae spores along for the ride to grow and spread.

The main reason why algae grows in your swimming pool is because it hasn’t been treated with a sanitizing chemical, such as chlorine, or hasn’t been treated enough, and your pH is probably a little high. Algae eats high pH water for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, when your pool is lacking sanitization and the water is stagnant, you’re likely to see algae form.

Because of these different causes and situations, each case of pool algae requires specific and unique treatments. That’s why it pays to get your local Elite Pool Services technician to save you from the potentially costly and dangerous hassles of trial and error swimming pool cleaning.

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Swimming Pool Service - Algae Removal

Once the algae have been identified the proper algae removal process can be scheduled. First, the pool water is treated and made free of unwanted algae. Next, the pool surface is scrubbed clean and the interior surfaces are thoroughly vacuumed. Then the spa or pool filter is cleaned and treated to prevent the resurgence of another outbreak. This trifold treatment method is the most effective way to battle the problem.

There are different types of algae that are common to pools and our different approaches for the algae:

Green Algae

The most common and easiest algae problem to kill is Chlorophyta, which gets its color from chlorophyll. Green algae float in the water, making it cloudy, green pool and giving it a greenish tinge. Slimy green algae also attach themselves to your pool walls and floor. Poor filtration and lack of proper sanitization boost green algae growth. It can be introduced to your pool by swimwear and toys that have been used in natural bodies of water that contain algae.

In removing Green Algae, our pool cleaning professional will first analyze your pool’s water and pH level to ensure water is at the proper levels. Your pool will then be brushed and vacuumed thoroughly before being shocked. During this process, your technician will check the pool’s filtration system to ensure the water is flowing correctly.

Yellow Algae

Yellow algae are sometimes called ‘mustard algae’ because of their distinctive color. Yellow algae do not grow quite as fast as green algae, but it is harder to get rid of once it arrives. Brushing is not the ideal way to get rid of yellow algae, though you may start with a rigorous scrub while also super-chlorinating your pool’s water; but, more on that later! Be wary when using a firm brush to scrub your pool that you don’t do damage to porous surfaces in the process.

For Yellow algae removal, most likely we need to shock your pool and add algaecide as well. Just the same approach as we do with black algae removal.

Black Algae or Blue-Green Algae

This nasty offender makes its own food, so it grows and grows. Not only that, its roots dig into concrete surfaces, making it tough to kill black algae in your swimming pool. It’ll grow back quickly if your treatment isn’t aggressive enough to ensure none of the roots hang around.

To get rid of your black algae, Its roots extend into the plaster or tile grout, and you must thoroughly brush with an algae brush to break open the heads so they can be killed with an algaecide. Even if you have proper filtration and chemical balance, black strains can still bloom. Because of how difficult it is to get rid of, it's best to mitigate this from happening by investing in swimming pool maintenance from a reputable company before it ever happens.

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Benefits of using our Algae Removal Services

Peace of Mind

Knowing that there is a pool service company that is ready and fully equipped to make your pool safe and green again, it gives you the assurance that your swimming pool will be safe for everyone who uses it, especially your family.

Safe Water & Chemical Treatment

Safety is our topmost priority. Each case of green pool requires specific and unique treatments. That’s why it pays to get your local Elite pool service technician to save you from the potentially costly and dangerous hassles of trial and error green pool cleaning. With the right testing and chemical balance, they’ll have your pool clean and safe in no time.

Proper Chemical Balance

Improperly balanced chemicals could harbor bacteria growth or cause algae to bloom, which could affect your health. The wrong pH or overly high chemical concentrations can irritate your eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. While you should test the water yourself regularly and add chemicals as needed, having it routinely checked by a professional ensures you’re doing it correctly.

Save Time in Cleaning and Maintenance

To maintain the water quality in your swimming pool, you need to filter it, chlorinate, check the pH level, total alkalinity (TA) and calcium hardness which is will consume all of your time. Although you may prefer to perform most of your do-it-yourself pool care and maintenance, you can save time and money by hiring professional pool cleaners to lend you a hand. It’s obvious how they save time, but they can also save you money through early detection of potential problems and paying too much for commercial pool cleaning equipment.

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Algae Pool Removal - Tulsa and Broken Arrow

Even if you’re on top of your pool water chemistry and regular pool maintenance or pool cleaning, you may still wind up with algae. High humidity and wind are just two examples of contributing factors you couldn’t control even if you tried. But it’s important to act as soon as you notice algae in the pool because it can grow rapidly, becoming tougher to eradicate with each day it goes unaddressed.

Keeping proper water chemistry is an integral part of preventing algae growth. There are also many different types of algae, and they come from many different sources. Knowledge and experience come into play when dealing with algae buildup in your pool.

Some types of algae are resistant to the traditional chemicals that are used to balance pool water, and stronger treatments may be needed. Also, evaluation of nearby sources that are causing the algae growth can be important in treating and preventing algae.

When it comes to swimming pool algae removal, no company in Tulsa and Broken Arrow is more fit for the job than Elite Pool Services.

Our pool service company has been treating algae outbreaks in pools and spas throughout Tulsa and Broken Arrow for many years. We provide free consultations that include accurate water sampling and a detailed estimate for the pool algae removal.

Our team applies the most appropriate full algae treatment to ensure that your swimming is back on its top shape in no time. Don’t let algae ruin your swimming season. Let Elite Pool Service™ do the job and get your pool water sparkling once again.

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"These folks are great to work with. Courteous, considerate, and very quick to respond to your needs. Very polite and respectful of your property. They put in a beautiful pool for our daughter's family and we stopped by frequently to see the progress. Based on my observation and seeing the final project, I would highly recommend this company for any pool needs you might have including designing, installation, and maintenance. Really good people with great ethics."

- Catrena Alford
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"Mark and Jenny do a great job of relaying what needs to be done to keep your pool in shape and following up and making sure it's being done right. They handle all sizes of jobs with professional and friendly service."

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