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Pool decks are the areas around your pool that form the border between your pool and any walkways that may surround it. These surfaces need to be maintained regularly because they are often made of some kind of composite, which is subject to wear and tear just like any other surface in your yard. Because the surface of these decks easily chip, a pool deck contractor should regularly inspect the surface. And give it a fresh layer of coatings or sealant. Your pool renovation contractor will also be able to see and spot cracks or chips that have been forming concrete pool decks over time and fix them before they cause any serious damage.

Pool decks are important because they set up boundaries for your pool that prevent guests from wandering in when they aren't supposed to. In the absence of a deck, people may fall into your pool surface and accidentally drown as they try to get back onto their feet. Pool decks also make it easier for you and your guests to walk around without fear to slip on the flooring. When the deck is well-maintained, it will provide a safe surface that is neither too slippery nor too bumpy.

Professionally built decks don't just keep swimmers safer when they're getting out of the pool or running towards it. They also let people play nearby. A good pool deck can add extra value, view, and selling potential to your house or property. Look for local companies that:

  • Build decks out of concrete, brick, or stone pavers for a durable, non-slip surface.
  • Find the right materials that withstand your pool's chemicals and frequent foot traffic like concrete.
  • Can integrate your pool deck with your patio for a seamless look.

What is a Pool Deck Contractor?

Swimming Pool Deck Construction - Tulsa
Every single aspect of the design and installation ads value to your home and determines the final look of your property.

Pool deck builders will do everything from repairing cracks in the walls to maintaining and repairing your pool's surface.

These contractors ensure that your pool is safe by removing any objects that might be dangerous or harmful to its users. They will also ensure that the pool is safe for use by testing the PH levels.

A reputable pool deck contractor will inspect your deck to make sure that it is safe. They will look for cracks, chips, and warping, which can be especially dangerous because they provide trip hazards.

Any problems should be fixed as soon as possible by a professional pool deck contractor who knows what he or she is doing. If you have a pool deck that has been badly damaged, your best option may be to replace it entirely with a new one made of a different substance.

If you own an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, your deck may warp over time.

A pool deck contractor can use sealant to prevent this warping from becoming too severe, but they may recommend replacing the deck entirely if it has sustained any severe damage.

A good rule of thumb is that if a surface gets significant foot traffic, it will need regular maintenance to keep it in good condition.

This also applies to pool decks because they form the border between outdoor walkways and your pool. These borders can become warped or even cracked as guests wander on and off of them throughout the year, so it's a good idea to have a reputable pool deck contractor take a look at it from time to time.

Why Do You Need Deck Contractors?

A pool deck contractor is important to any property because they are the ones who will maintain your pool throughout the year. But what do they do, exactly?

Pool deck contractors are responsible for maintaining your pool by ensuring that it is well-maintained and safe. They also take care of any repairs that need to be done to the pool's surface, walls or stairs.

It's also important to note that maintenance should only be done by a professional because you want to avoid potential safety hazards such as slips and falls or drowning.

You need a pool deck contractor to maintain and repair your pool, walls, surface, stairs, etc., so it will be well-maintained throughout the year. This will help avoid damage or major repairs down the line.

When it comes to pool deck maintenance, you want a contractor who is going to be thorough and reliable year after year.

You want a company that will ensure your entire pool surface is kept clean and free of cracks or water damage during the winter months. If you're looking for a reputable pool deck contractor in your area, call Elite Pool Service at 918-893-3893!

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Benefits of Hiring Elite Pool Service™ as Your Deck Contractor

Beautiful Decking Design

The greatest benefit of using the professional services of Elite Pool Services is that they can be able to provide you with beautiful designs of pool decks and ones that are extremely pleasing to the eyes of your visitors or passersby.

If you have no idea of the different designs available in the market then you must hire an experienced and professional contractor to help you find the right design that will match your property’s needs and preferences.

Choosing the Right Material for Your Pool Decks

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right material for your pool deck. As a matter of fact, only a professional and reputable pool deck contractor is the most knowledgeable enough about what certain materials to use to your property and in order to make sure that your pool deck doesn’t have to be repaired again.

In addition to that, a professional deck contractor can also give you advice on how to take care of your pool deck and your pool area as a whole.

Experience and Expertise of our deck builders

A professional and experienced pool deck contractor from Elite Pool Services may have already dealt with a lot of different pool deck situations in order to know what solution works best of which.

And working with different people for the time that a certain company has already been in business simply means that they are already experienced and they are dependable enough when it comes to providing you with quality pool deck repair services.

Why You Shouldn't DIY Your Pool Deck

There are many reasons why you should leave the maintenance and repairs to a qualified professional. For example, repairing dry spots when resurfacing or cracking tiles when resurfacing can lead to much bigger problems that only trained professionals will be able to identify and repair.

One of the most common problems is hiring an inexperienced contractor to fix cracks. This leads to more damage or even having your pool completely re-surfaced which can be very costly.

Another danger related to not using a professional is slips and falls. Slips are especially dangerous for children, seniors, and people who have medical conditions. One slip on the pool surface can be very dangerous and may even result in a serious injury or death.

In order to ensure that water doesn't get into the cracks and cause major damage, hiring a professional is useful. Inexperienced people may jump into action by trying to repair the crack immediately. They may try out a "quick fix" without understanding how it can affect the pool later.

This can result in further cracks, faulty repairs that can cost a lot of money to fix, and even damages to the whole pool if the crack is left unattended for too long.

That's why it's crucial to leave anything related to pool repairs to a professional who understands your pool best. If you're looking for a reputable pool deck contractor in your area, Elite Pool Services is the answer.

DIY vs Hiring a Professional Pool Decks Contractor


Pool deck contractors are important for homes because they maintain the safety and appearance of your pool. They also give you one-time maintenance items such as winterizing the pool and cleaning it.

If you're wondering what a pool deck contractor is responsible for, it's maintaining your pool by ensuring that it is well-maintained and safe. Contractors are also responsible for any repairs that need to be done on the surface, walls or stairs.

If you're looking for someone in your area who provides these services, should be at the top of your list.

Below are some benefits of hiring a professional contractor over doing it yourself:

  • Doing It Yourself Costs You Time
  • Doing It Yourself Costs You Money
  • Doing It Yourself Can Be Risky and Dangerous
  • Doing It Yourself Takes A Long Time to Learn How To Do Properly

Hiring a professional contractors is important because it gives you time back in your life. By doing the work yourself, who has the time to clean the pool weekly, prepare for winter and fix any problems that come up with the pool? Hiring a pool deck builder or contractor ensures that this is done for you.

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Concrete Pool Decks - Ideas, Design & Cost

When weighing which pool deck materials you want to use, consider factors such as cost, safety, maintenance, durability, and how it fits your home and landscape. While concrete certainly isn't the only player in the game, it offers a number of advantages that other pool deck materials can't match, particularly when it comes to versatility.

Only decorative concrete gives you the ability to select any shape, size, color, and surface treatment for your deck-from plain broom-finished concrete, to exposed aggregate, to imprinted patterns that mimic tile, brick, natural stone, and even wood. You can also mix and match decorative treatments, such as combining stained concrete with a stenciled or imprinted border or enhancing a colored overlay with saw cut or engraved patterns. You can design your concrete pool deck to blend in with your home's exterior facade and surrounding landscape or make it the focal point of your backyard.

Concrete can be formed and poured in virtually any shape you like; curves and geometric patterns are doable. This durable surface is also fairly affordable, costing $5 to $6 per square foot for professionally installed concrete, or about $2 to $3 per square foot for just the materials if you plan to do it yourself.

If you want to combine durability and design, get your decks resurfaced with concrete ideas. There are plenty of them, like the ones created with pool deck refinishing. Another way is the pool deck resurfacing with textured concrete. Touching up your pool decks with a distinct texture not only adds form. But also its function.

Are you ready to do deck resurfacing for your ground pool or concrete pool? Our Pool deck builders and Pool decks contractors have installed countless swimming pools over the years, and a vast percentage of our customers request some type of concrete around their pool. We know first-hand not only how concrete is applied but also how it holds up over time.

Pool Deck Installation and Repair

Local Pool Deck Contractors

Trusted & Experienced Local Pool Deck Contractor

We are experts in pool decks installation and repair in Tulsa. We work with all types of materials to ensure that we install beautiful and long-lasting pool decks.

We use durable materials such as concrete, pavers, composite, and stone. We also use highly craftable materials such as wood as the top options for ultimate beautification. In all our projects, we aim at creating breathtaking ideas for pool decks that are also durable.

We create an attractive transition between your pool and the rest of your yard with one of our stylish pool deck contractors or installers. Our design pool decking contractors are able to take your ideas and incorporate them into a completely customized pool deck design.

In addition to designing and building your pool decks, we’re able to recommend various landscaping and lighting accents for your pool and the rest of your yard.

We prioritize your needs in every project, ensuring that we meet both your design needs as well as quality standards. We work with homeowners to recreate, redesign and repair decks to meet modern standards.

If your pool deck is outdated or damaged, we will be glad to help you restore it to a modern look at a pocket-friendly price.

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How Does Elite Pool Service™ Work as Deck Contractors?

Elite Pool Services - pool deck contractors work on maintaining your pool by doing a variety of things. One of their main responsibilities is ensuring that the pool's water is clean and clear throughout the year. They also take care of any repairs needed on the surface, walls, or stairs of your pool. Finally, they check to make sure there are no cracks in the tile or dry spots on the surrounding area. When it comes to repairs, pool deck contractors have the tools and experience needed to fix your tile or resurface your swimming area.

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- Catrena Alford
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"Mark and Jenny do a great job of relaying what needs to be done to keep your pool in shape and following up and making sure it's being done right. They handle all sizes of jobs with professional and friendly service."

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