Spa & Pool Equipment Repair

Elite Pool Service™ repairs swimming pools of all makes and models. Our professional swimming pool and spa technicians are experienced and knowledgeable. Your pool equipment is properly maintained/repaired by a friendly, expert equipment repair technician. We work to provide the best pool equipment repair services and pool construction in Tulsa and NE Oklahoma. Call us at (918) 893-3893 to schedule a service call.

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For Professional Pool Repair, Maintenance, & Service Call Us at (918) 893-3893

Pool Equipment Repair Services - Tulsa Area

We repair and replace equipment for pools as needed. Including pool pumps, motor replacements & repairs, filter cartridges, pool heaters, heat pumps, timers, and controllers, as well as other swimming pool equipment. You'll find we provide expert problem analysis and provide professional solutions for your pool equipment repairs, maintenance, parts, and related swimming pool service.

Swimming Pool Controllers, Equipment & Additional Repairs

Would you like automated swimming pool controls? How about a salt chlorination system and service? Or maybe a wireless remote with color LED lights giving you a cool, energy-efficient, user-friendly pool experience? We can help you with electrical equipment and other pool equipment needs, maintenance, and/or equipment repair.

Equipment upgrades, repair, and service. We can install swimming pool controllers and the latest energy-efficient pool technology with maintenance, repair, and service.

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Full-Service Repair Department

Our full-service Tulsa area repair department can professionally diagnose, estimate, repair, replace, or upgrade your equipment. Together we'll work to create a solution that's right for your pool, your budget, and your home.

Elite Pool Service - Serves these Areas:

Serving in and near Tulsa, Bixby, Broken Arrow, Claremore, Collinsville, Coweta, Jenks, Oologah, Owasso, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Skiatook, and surrounding areas.

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Fix, Replace, or Upgrade Pool Pumps

We can help you with these swimming pool and spa issues and other pool pump/motor service & maintenance problems you might run into:

  • If your pump shoots sand into the pool, call us.
  • If the pool pump makes loud screeching noises or sounds like it’s full of rocks, we can help.
  • If your pool pump starts leaking water, give us a call.
  • If your pool pump basket doesn't fill with water, we can fix it for you.
  • Does your pool pump make a humming sound and won't start? We can take care of you.
  • What if your pool pump is sucking in air? Give us a call...
  • Or if your pool pump motor isn't working or it shuts off while running, we can fix or replace it.
  • If your pool pump's flow rate is low, let one of our technicians look it over.

Is it the pump or the motor? We offer professional pool pump repair services.

Your pump motor typically lasts 8-10 years with proper pool maintenance. Rebuilding or replacing the motor can fix many problems.

Think your pool pump's motor needs to be looked over?

Contact us at 918.893.3893 to schedule a service call or a pool pump and motor system inspection. Or call us and schedule a cleaning service or talk to a Tulsa area pool repair technician.

Sometimes a quick call to a professional can help repair your pump or motor problems over the phone.

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When Should I Replace My Pool Pump?

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If your current pump shows any of the following symptoms, it could be time to call Elite Pool Service about upgrading to a new variable-speed pump for your pool or spa:

  • It seems less powerful than in the past.
  • It makes noise
  • It occasionally gets hot and shuts off
  • It won't start or starts slowly
  • Your swimming pool pump is 7-10 years old

New pool pumps are able to save some people up to 65% less energy than older pumps. Call us at 918.839.3893 for installation, service, repair, parts, and other options available for your swimming pool pump or motor.
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Save $400 on a Pool Pump Installation

Pool Repair - Heaters

Keep your swimming pool ready for year-round comfortable swimming

When summer ends, a working swimming pool heater becomes essential. If your heater isn't working right, one of our skilled Tulsa area technicians will check the gas valve, pumps, heater pilot, heater bypass, and any electrical issues for your protection - and we'll repair, service, or replace your pool heater and any related equipment at an affordable price. We'll make it work for you.

Hayward swimming pool heater
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Preventative maintenance for swimming pools helps reduce damage and costly repairs to all your spa and pool equipment. The filter is essentially the backbone of your pool.  For the pool system to run smoothly and the water to remain clean, the pool filter must be kept in good working order. This requires regular pool filter cleaning in conjunction with a weekly pool maintenance program.

Pool Maintenance Essential

Pool filter cartridges and pool sand should be replaced every few years depending on the size and type of filter element installed. Elite Pool Service offers sand changes and replacement pool filter cartridges, along with all your swimming pool supplies. Call us about our filter changing service at (918) 893-3893.
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Repair Your Pool's Cleaning System

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Pool Cleaning Systems Repaired

Depending on the pool cleaner or sweep you're using now, these can be upgraded for better pool performance. Making sure your pool's cleaning system is installed and fitted perfectly to your pool can make a huge difference for inground or above ground pools.

When it makes sense, our team can also convert suction sweeps to pressure sweeps. Whether it's a repair or an upgrade, we can help you out.

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"We're Only Happy Once Your Pool Cleaner is Working Right"

Pool Lighting System Repair Service

Are your swimming pool lights having problems? Blinking or flickering? Are they not coming on at all?

Our pool electrical experts will repair them and work so your swimming area is safe and well lighted.

We also install new bulbs and upgrade regular pool lights to modern LED lighting and colored lights.

Our pool lighting repair services include:

  • Replace Light Fixtures
  • Replacing Light Bulbs
  • LED Bulbs Installation or Replacement
  • Fiber Optics Installed or Repaired
  • Electrical System Diagnostics and Repairs
  • New Pool Lighting Installation
  • Miscellaneous other repair services

We help you with good, reliable lighting for your swimming pool or hot tub.

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Happy Swimming Pool Owners - Reviews from Our Customers

"These folks are great to work with. Courteous, considerate, and very quick to respond to your needs. Very polite and respectful of your property. They put in a beautiful pool for our daughter's family and we stopped by frequently to see the progress. Based on my observation and seeing the final project, I would highly recommend this company for any pool needs you might have including designing, installation, and maintenance. Really good people with great ethics."

- Catrena Alford
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Elite Pool Service Review

"Mark and Jenny do a great job of relaying what needs to be done to keep your pool in shape and following up and making sure it's being done right. They handle all sizes of jobs with professional and friendly service."

- Courtney Lewis
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Elite Pool Service Review