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Pool maintenance is a necessary part of owning a pool, but it doesn't have to be a big hassle. Most people tend to neglect their pools until there's a problem and by then, it's often too late. Pool owners should take the time every week or so to brush the dirt from the edges and walls, backwash and rinse filters, test chemical levels with pH paper or pool test kits, and check for leaks in the filter system. It might sound like a tedious task best left to the experts in the business. Read one of the 5-star reviews of our business ›

Pool companies like Elite Pool Services can come out and do it all for you so you don't have to worry about it. We can go monthly or weekly, whatever you please.

Pool cleanings should be done once a week by an experienced professional who knows how to use all the fancy equipment necessary for deep cleaning without damaging any surface or having any chemical residue left behind.

Care for Pools

One important thing about pool care: it should remove algae, sediment, and other types of dirt. You should brush away dirt from pool walls and edges at least once a week, backwash & rinse filters, maintain proper pH levels with paper or kits, and check for leaks in the filter system.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

It's also important not to neglect chemical maintenance- even when your pool is clean, you still need to make sure that the chemicals are in balance. Elite Pool Services Tulsa offers pool cleaning services at an affordable price. Check out our website ›

If you're looking for pool cleaning services in Tulsa, Ok, Elite Pool Service™ Tulsa, OK is your best choice! Elite Pool Service™ is a professional pool cleaning service that offers the highest level of customer service and care in OK. Check out some of our reviews on the BBB ›

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We help you keep a healthy and clean swimming pool. Oftentimes, pool owners are so eager to jump right into the water that they forget about what’s happening on the other side of the fence. But there are a lot of things you need to do to maintain your pool, and if you don’t do them regularly, it can lead to serious problems down the line. That's where we can help.

Broken Arrow, OK pool company, Elite Pool Service, serves Tulsa and the surrounding areas. We can come out and take care of all your pool service & maintenance needs so you don’t have to worry about it during the week. All you need to do is call our business or schedule an appointment.

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Elite Pool Service, an OK BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited company with an A+ rating, provides weekly or every other week maintenance programs for swimming pools. Check out some of our reviews ›

Complete wall brushing and vacuuming, tile cleaning, and basket checking, this includes filter cleaning at a minimum. Our business also provides custom services such as one-time cleansings that can be performed to the premium chemical clients' standards while others are checked up multiple times per week during heavy debris season in certain areas of the country/world where it is prevalent around these types of swimming facilities where chemicals aren't able to get rid of them efficiently enough without regular checkups.

Daily cleaning is the most tedious option, but for those who don’t have time to deal with all that upkeep during the week and want their pool looking pristine at all times, it may be a worthwhile investment in the long run. That's why we're in business.

Pool Repairs

It's important to find a pool service that can also provide pool repairs. A pool service that provides pool repairs and pool cleaning will not only be more convenient but will ultimately be cheaper.

Broken or damaged swimming pool equipment can be frustrating, especially if you can’t enjoy swimming until pool repairs take place. Pool repairs professionals can reduce your stress. You’ll know that your repairs will be done quickly and correctly. If there are signs that you need pool repairs. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse.

Elite Pool Service™ have trained and licensed professionals, we give you energy and money-saving options and we stand behind our work. Our business repairs or replaces all brands of pool equipment and our service is fast, so you can get back to enjoying your pool in no time.

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Pool Renovation and Construction

You may love your current pool, but there are cracks and stains developing on the pool floor, the materials used went out of style years ago, or some of the pool equipment no longer functions properly.

It’s time for a “facelift” in your backyard! Elite Pool Services will make your swimming pool more beautiful, functional, and a lot safer for your family with our pool design and renovation and acid wash services!

At Elite Pool Service, we excel in pool renovations that breathe new life into your old pool and backyard. We give your outdated pool a facelift as well as upgrade your equipment using more efficient technology and automation.

Our company is constantly in the process of service, workmanship, and design innovations to exceed clients' expectations. Fully equipped with modern and sophisticated Swimming Pool technologies& designs, our company is dedicated to delivering topnotch services to suit our clients' needs and preferences.

Competitive Rates & Highest Quality Service

The Elite Pool works on all types of pools, from commercial properties to residential. Its services include cleaning and equipment repair; it also has several packages for different levels of frequency in service cleanings (from one time to weekly or bimonthly). The company provides a week package that comes with weekly cleans along with chemical testing, brush-offs across surfaces, and checking up on the pool's equipment.

Maintaining your pool on a regular basis will help ensure it runs smoothly and is always ready to be used. Pool cleaning companies offer varying plans, and most have weekly plans that are tailored specifically to your pool. Pricing is usually only offered upon request for some of the services, while others allow you to see how much by visiting their website online without requesting an estimate first if preferred. If you want no-strings-attached pricing before choosing, consider Elite Pool Services.

Pool Safety Tips and Pool Rules

5 maintenance tips for a safer pool:

  • Pool cleaners should be able to remove algae, sediment, and other types of dirt.
  • Pool chemicals should be properly maintained in order to prevent skin irritation or sickness from entering the pool.
  • Pool brushes can help sweep away sediments and grime around the edges and corners of the pool.
  • Pool testing kits can help check chemical levels for a safe, clean pool.
  • Pool filters should be back washed and rinsed to avoid filter strain or damage as the filtration process uses a lot of pressure!

It really pays off when you're able to find a pool business with experience that can not only do all of those things but can also give you recommendations and advice on how to properly maintain your pool. For the home page of our website, click here ›

Elite Pool Service - Tulsa

Having a clean pool is important to most homeowners. Some people will not even buy a home if the pool is not up to their standards. Keeping your pool looking beautiful and inviting will be much easier with Elite Pool Services.

A Broken Arrow Company Serving the Tulsa, OK Area

At The Elite Pool, we provide weekly or every other week screenings for screened pools. For complete wall brushing and vacuuming, tile cleaning, and basket checking, this includes filter cleansing at a minimum. We also have custom services available such as one-time cleansings that can be performed to the premium chemical clients' standards while others are checked up multiple times per week during heavy debris season in certain areas of the country/world where it is prevalent around these types of swimming facilities where chemicals aren't able to get rid of them efficiently enough without regular checkups.

When the weather is hot and humid, there's nothing better than splashing around in a cool pool. Keeping your swimming pool clean ensures you stay safe from germs that can make you sick or become exposed to viruses. If it's time for professional cleaning services at your home- don't wait! Our team of licensed professionals will ensure quality workmanship on every job no matter how big or small. For more information call us today!

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"These folks are great to work with. Courteous, considerate, and very quick to respond to your needs. Very polite and respectful of your property. They put in a beautiful pool for our daughter's family and we stopped by frequently to see the progress. Based on my observation and seeing the final project, I would highly recommend this company for any pool needs you might have including designing, installation, and maintenance. Really good people with great ethics."

- Catrena Alford
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"Mark and Jenny do a great job of relaying what needs to be done to keep your pool in shape and following up and making sure it's being done right. They handle all sizes of jobs with professional and friendly service."

- Courtney Lewis
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