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Whether you have a residential or commercial property, your swimming pool is a sound investment in Broken Arrow. When you make the best use of your pool, it is imperative that you keep it well-maintained. This is where a pool heater repair comes in. Elite Pool Service™ is an expert at providing services related to your pool heaters. With our service, you can be sure that your pool will be warm 2/7.

We provide a wide range of services to your pool. Rest assured, you will be served by a team of licensed, certified, and experienced specialists. We cater to all of your needs-from broken pool heater repair, pool remodeling, replacements, painting, maintenance, and installation.

A pool heater or heat pump? That's the question. But which one do you choose for your next project!

We'll look into these two options and help get a better idea of what would be best suited to suit all needs, preferences - even budget constraints!

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Pool heaters are the most complicated of all pool equipment and it is a good idea that you know something about how this works.

Your pool professional can help you decide between a gas or electricity-powered heat pump. They'll also let ya know if it's worth spending the extra dough on one because not all are created equal!

A good way to figure out which kind of heater will work best for your needs would be by talking with someone who knows their stuff firsthand - maybe even take this opportunity and get in touch yourself?

You may be wondering why a gas heater is the best option for heating your pool. You'll get faster results, and in high electricity cost areas, you can live without paying more than necessary to heat up that nice warm waterskin of yours!

One way to combat the chilly fall weather is by using a heat pump. A typical pool heater will use outside air and end up with cold water in your swimming spot, but not if you have one of these!

The key here is that it needs warm indoor air as well for operation - which won't be too much trouble since most houses are fairly well insulated nowadays (and even better when they're equipped with HVAC systems).

You'll be able to take a nice, warm dip in the pool with your new gas heater. You won't have any more chills when it's cold outside since this will keep you feeling comfortable no matter what time of year or season!

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Happy Swimming Pool Owners - Reviews from Our Customers

"These folks are great to work with. Courteous, considerate, and very quick to respond to your needs. Very polite and respectful of your property. They put in a beautiful pool for our daughter's family and we stopped by frequently to see the progress. Based on my observation and seeing the final project, I would highly recommend this company for any pool needs you might have including designing, installation, and maintenance. Really good people with great ethics."

- Catrena Alford
5-Star Google Review

Elite Pool Service Review

"Mark and Jenny do a great job of relaying what needs to be done to keep your pool in shape and following up and making sure it's being done right. They handle all sizes of jobs with professional and friendly service."

- Courtney Lewis
5-Star Google Review

Elite Pool Service Review

It’s easy to forget how much a pool can add value and enjoyment to your life. Not only does it provide you with the chance for fun times, but also saves on energy costs by helping lower humidity levels indoors during hot weather months! So go ahead: invest in one today- we guarantee that this decision will be worth every penny spent (and more)!

A pool heater will help you have a perfect swim every day of the year. Electric heaters work by using an electric pump to make water hot and regulate its temperature between 80-90 °F, no matter what weather conditions are outside.

You want your pool to be the centerpiece of your home, so it makes sense that you would invest in getting a high-quality heater. With Elite Pool Service we make sure nothing slows down those lazy days by keeping water pleasantly warm for dipping or just lounging around with friends on cool evenings!

Choose Us For Heater Repair

A pool heater that is not working properly will not give you a pleasant swimming experience. If this problem is left unaddressed, it can get tougher and tougher.

Your pool is the center of attention. That is why your heater should be up and running all the time.

The problems with your pool heater will depend on the type of heater you are using. It can either be a gas heater or an electric pump. You will need to find out the exact factor that causes your water heater to malfunction. In getting it up and working again, you will need a professional to assess and evaluate the heater system of your ground pool based on building codes.

The assessment will help our contractors to find out the root cause of your tankless heater problem. We offer the best and suitable solutions.  Without a trusted pool heater repair service to help you, your pool heating system will not work properly.

There are two types of heaters: electric and gas. Now that you know, it's time to talk about the common repairs needed for both so that your heating system lasts longer!

Owning a pool is great, but you have to make sure it’s running at its best. By paying attention and knowing what things should be checked for in order to get the most enjoyment out of your investment will save money long term if these issues are noticed early on!

Plus with both heat pump types being available now there shouldn't be any confusion about which one would work better-which means installation can happen sooner rather than later too.

It's hard to believe that something as simple and safe, as your pool heater could be so dangerous. Don't try fixing it on your own! For safety reasons you should never touch gas or electricity if someone else isn’t around either--just make sure there is an adult handy nearby who can help when needed with these repairs instead of tackling them all by yourself.

Signs of Pool Heater Problems

It’s also important for us to mention that installation and repair of heaters requires professional knowledge of gas, electrical systems and how they interact with water in order to safely work with these complex devices.

What to look out for:

  • Your pool heater is not igniting or turning on as normal
  • Your pool is not reaching the set temperature that you programmed.
  • Any leaking of water that’s noticeable (large or small) needs to be repaired.
  • The cycling process of your heater is going on and off.
  • Rusting of any kind is a clear indication of needing service or replacement.
Have a Swimming Pool Question?

How does heating your pool work?

When deciding on having your pool heated, or if you already have a heater, you must consider several questions about your pool, climate, and use; in order to make the best choice. You also want to focus on reliability because pool heating repair can be expensive if you don’t use the correct provider the first time.

At Elite Pool Services, we know that, and that is why we offer satisfaction guarantees for our pool care and repairs. We get it right the first time.

Pool heaters are the most complex of pool equipment and it’s a good idea you know a little about how this works. There are two ways to heat your pool, either with a pool heater, or a pool heat pump. Your pool professional can help you figure out which one is best for you. Whether you should use a heat pump or gas heat.

Heat Pump

Using a pool heat pump will take heat from the outside air and transfer it right into your pool water (very efficient) these pumps are used in high humidity and temperature climates. There are some other reasons you would use this option to heat your pool, but again it’s best to consult a professional on if this would work best for your pool.

A heat pump uses outside air to heat your pool. If it’s fall and the air is cold, you will not be doing much swimming because the water in your pool will be cold.

Gas Heat

A gas heater will burn gas to heat your pool and is considered the ideal way to heat your pool. Why? Well because it can heat your pool faster. And if you live in an area that has high electricity costs you don’t have to pay more to heat your pool or wait for a longer period of time for it.

This also works well when it’s cold out. A gas pool heater can be the dead of winter and you will be able to take a nice comfortable dip.

Pool Heater Repair Services

When you have a swimming pool heater that isn’t working, it can be difficult to determine what the problem is. The kinds of issues you might have with your heater depend on the type it is – such as a gas heater or electric heat pump. Finding out what’s causing your heater to not work right is essential if you want to get it repaired and running again.

Whether you have a gas heater that cycles on and off or a heat pump with a clogged evaporator coil, the professionals in pool service- Elite Pool Services know how to get it working again. We can check for leaks or damage to individual parts of your heater and get to work making the necessary repairs. When we’re done, you can get back to getting the most use out of your pool.

Tulsa and Broken Arrow

It is normal for your swimming pool heater to go through extensive wear and tear. Pool heaters that have been used for many years might even need a replacement. If a heater repair will not work, you will need to pick a new pool heater, but it will not be an easy task. You need to know what you should be looking for in a heater. Find a contractor in OK, Broken Arrow that can give you a few recommendations.

If a heater repair is still a good option, make sure that troubleshooting your heating system will be smooth and hassle-free. While repairing your pool heater can be an arduous task to those who do not know how it works, we make sure that your heater will be energy-efficient all throughout the year.

Whether you need a new pool heater or repairs for your current unit, the Elite Pool is here to help. We provide dependable heating services and are licensed throughout Broken Arrow in both commercial as well residential customers alike! From leaky heat pumps that won’t ignite gas-based models due to faulty ignitions mechanisms - no matter what type of problem arises we can get it fixed fast with our professional team's certified expertise on hand when needed most.

Pool Parties aren't just for summer
Pool Parties aren't just for summer..

When a swimming pool heater isn't working properly, it can be difficult for homeowners to determine what the problem might be. Electric heat pumps and gas-fired units often have different issues that prevent them from reaching optimal performance levels in your home's environment.

Get your pool's heater working like new in no time with the professionals at Elite Pool. We can check for leaks or damage to individual parts of a gas-burning heaters and get right down to work making necessary repairs, including fixing anything from a clogged evaporator coil all the way up through pinpointing exactly what is causing any strange noises you might be hearing when burning fuel this winter season!

When we're done our services will have made sure that not only are temperatures more comfortable but also make getting around much easier as well since they'll finally operate efficiently once again so stop thinking about calling someone else just because "they" offer such low prices - call us now instead.

When your current pool heater is giving off more heat than it should, or if you notice any serious damage on the unit itself then replacement time is overdue. Our professionals can help make this decision easy for all of us!

If you’ve been longing for that perfect summer day at home, then a new pool heater is just what the doctor ordered. Our experts can remove your old one and replace it with an efficient model in no time flat!
We want to ensure that all of this work will go smoothly so we have some thorough procedures before starting - like ensuring there are no gas leaks or other safety hazards nearby.

Pool Heater Installation

The winter season can also be harsh to your pool. Make it up to date. Why not make the most out of your pool by considering our pool heater service? We have the most efficient pool heating system to match your needs and meet your budget. We check the nearest opening such as your pool or window.

Our primary goal is to keep your pool water at a pleasantly warm temperature to keep the costs of your energy low. If you want to schedule services or get a sample quote, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Remodeling your pool can be a great experience as it can improve its overall look. However, renovation project should not only be construed as adding new pool features. Even your pool heater or heat pumps should not take a backseat when applying new pool finishes or update plastering.

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Pool Heaters-Why Maintenance Is Important

1. Minimize Repairs

While repair cannot be avoided, especially if you have been using the heating system of your pool for years, maintenance ensures fewer repairs. Keep your home pool and its heating system in good shape ensures high performance. When a contractor inspects the pool in your home for any potential problems, early repair solutions can prevent big expenses in the future.

2. Prevent Major Expenses

Aside from reducing the need for simple repair, pool heater maintenance can also prevent bigger expenses. Your pool heater at home is expected to deteriorate with age. Parts of it may malfunction or die out. Beyond repair, you might also need to replace parts like its compressor. However, if replacing pumps and other parts is almost the same as replacing the heater, then it is not going to be an ideal situation.

3. Extend The Life Of Your Pool Water Heater

Your pool is a valuable asset to your home. Since the heater is essential when using your pool, it is expected to last up to 10 years depending on how it is properly maintained. A pool heater needs to run strong and it will only be possible if you are maintaining it. A heater will function better if it is well maintained and serviced. Regular maintenance also gives your heater at home a longer life.

4. Make Your Heater More Energy Efficient

A pool heater is known to be an energy-efficient heating system for your pool. However, they can lose their effectiveness over time. Parts might get dirty and sensors may also stop working properly. When this happens, energy use will be heavier than usual. Heaters need regular maintenance to prevent your heating system from encountering problems.

5. Costs Less Than Replacing Heaters

Replacing heaters of your pool at home can cost 30x more than repair. You can avoid this if you are going to keep your heaters in good condition. Your heaters will operate flawlessly with maintenance.

We Can Repair or Replace Your Pool Heater

Regardless of your location, we make sure that you will get the pool heater servicing you deserve. Your pool heater deserves to be well-maintained. This is why at The Elite Pool, we make sure you will have an enjoyable dip in the pool. You do not have to close up your pool during the winter season either. We have created the best solution for you. Let us take care of your roof pool heater so you can enjoy using your pool all year.

Broken Heater Repair

Having a pool is so much fun, but it's even more enjoyable when you can use the heater during those fall days. Unfortunately, things happen and sometimes our favorite machines break down- how will we know who to trust with repairing them?

Finding a pool repair and services professional is no small decision to make. Small issues with your pool can start as soon, but left unattended it could balloon into an expensive problem not to mention dangerous for you or any of the family members who use that space in their house too!

Owning a pool is the dream of so many people and if you want to take that next step in luxury, adding on an awesome pool heater can make all those dreams come true. The perfect temperature should be just right without being too cold or hot where it's uncomfortable; this is why we have heaters for pools!

When you add a pool heater, the time spent in your own backyard turns from fun and exciting into an activity that can be enjoyed all winter long.

A pool heater will take your hot tub and make you the master of temperature. Depending on when in season or year that it is, we can decide what's best for a swim!

Your Pool Is A Worthwhile Investment

Our team can repair any type of equipment for your pool. If you need a simple pool heater fix or a complete pool upgrade, we make sure to keep your pool looking presentable and good. We also specialize in replastering your pool, especially when if the pool looks worn out.

Water needs to be ready for swimming all the time. Without using a reliable heating system, the water can become too cold making swimming uncomfortable for you and your loved ones.

If you are using a water heating system to address the problem, make sure that it is well-maintained. Keep in mind that your water heating system is not impervious to damage. Cleaning and maintaining it is required.

The more you use it the more it becomes prone to wear and tear. Read the manufacturer's manual so you will know how to maintain your water heating system.

Swimming Pool Heater Maintenance And Repair Cost

A tune up or maintenance for your pool ensures that it will run optimally and according the the specifications of your pool heating system manufacturer. Like any mechanical pool equipment, your pool heating system will encounter component failure or operation problem.

The best thing you need to make sure your pool heating system will be up and running again is by hiring a pool heating system contractor to inspect and maintain it. Whether it is a residential or commercial pool heater, we make sure that you and your loved ones can swim in the pool safely.

If you need a top shop pool maintenance and repair, The Elite Pool, OK is the company to trust.  If you need a pool heater upgrade so your pool will be ready for summer, we got you covered. We have contractors when it comes to replacing malfunctioning parts of your pool heater. If you also need a replacement or removal for your spa heater, our spa contractor can also address that. We will be right at your doors.

When you suspect an issue with your pool heater, give us a call right away at 918.893.3893!

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