Swimming Pool Repair Services

Swimming pool repair services to keep your pool clean and functional.  From the seasonal pool opening and pool closing to pool equipment upgrades, Elite Pools trained team is here to answer your questions and make recommendations for any changes that could benefit your pool and/or your wallet.

Pool Equipment Evaluation/Repair/Installation

swimming pool repair services - TulsaDetermining the proper type and size of pool equipment will be the most important aspect of how well your pool operates and filters for the life of the pool. Sometimes large residential pools may not have enough filtration built into the design. Sometimes the design of the plumbing may hinder the flow of the water as it filters and returns back to the pool or spa. If you are interested to install new equipment, upgrade your existing equipment, or determine if your plumbing is allowing for efficiency with your circulation system, call our office to set up an evaluation with an equipment installation expert.

We are a full-service Hayward dealer, carrying a complete line of in-ground pool filters and in-ground pumps as well as pool lighting, pool automation and sanitization options. We are also a Hayward Platinum Warranty Center and, if needed, will coordinate warranty for any repair that falls under the terms of the manufacturer warranty.

Pool School

Whether you are a new pool owner or want to better understand the operation of your pool, Elite Pool Service is here to help.  Call our office to schedule pool instruction with one of our technicians.

Acid Wash

Would you like to bring some new life to your pool?  An acid wash may be the answer. Over time, a pool can develop staining from many different elements in the water as well as environmental factors. If the surface materials in the pool are integrally sound, the pool can be drained and cleaned with a muriatic solution leaving a brighter layer of the pool finish visible.  If your pool needs a replaster we can help you with that too!  Call our office to have a team member evaluate your pool and provide a quote.

Filter Elements Cleaning Replacement


Preventative maintenance for swimming pools helps reduce damage and costly repairs to all the pool equipment. Filters are essentially the backbone of pools.  For the pool system to run smoothly and the water to remain clean, the pool filter must be kept in good working order. This requires regular pool filter cleaning in conjunction with a weekly pool maintenance program.  Pool filter cartridges and pool sand will need to be replaced every few years depending on the size and type of filter element installed. Elite Pool Service offers sand changes and replacement pool filter cartridges.

Pool Inspections

Purchasing a home along with a pool is a large investment.  It is important to have a pool inspected by a pool professional prior to purchasing a home with an existing pool. Elite Pool Service offers swimming pool inspections throughout the Tulsa Metro area to sellers, buyers and realtors of homes with a swimming pool and we will provide a written pool inspection report. Contact Us to schedule an inspection

Pool Openings

Elite Pool Service provides seasonal pool opening and pool closing. Our pool opening service is built around your pool’s needs and any requests, but here are the basics:

  • Clean, remove and fold pool cover (and water bags if applicable), or clean and open automatic cover
  • Place pool cover where it needs to be stored, (if we know location of storage)
  • Remove plugs and install any fittings needed for the season
  • Start pool system when water level is into skimmers. Start system on main drain if water level is not high enough.
  • Start pool heater only as requested
  • Reassemble and install pool deck equipment such as ladders, diving board, etc.
  • Vacuum if possible (if the service techs are able to see the bottom, they will vacuum)
  • Test and balance chemicals

Pool Closings

When the season is over it’s important to properly winterize your pool to protect against the freezing temperatures and winter elements. Pool Closings include the following:

  • Disassemble and store deck equipment on owner’s property
  • Lower water level to proper winterization level (if applicable)
  • Drain & winterize circulation, filtration & heating systems, fountains, etc.
  • Remove pool fittings and blow swimming pool lines with compressed air and plug.
  • Add appropriate winterizing chemicals
  • Remove leaves and debris as best as possible
  • Install Pool Cover

Contact our office at 918-893-3893 or email us to check pricing or schedule your pool closing.

mckenzie cover

Custom Safety Covers

We fit and install Tara Custom Safety Covers (hyperlink either to Tara's website or a cover brochure) .  A custom safety cover provides protection and peace of mind during the winter months.  Why choose a Safety Cover?

100% Sunlight Blockage • UV Resistant Material • Low Maintenance• Prevents 100% of Leaves and Debris • Keeps Water Clean • Preserves Pool Chemicals • PVC Laminated Polyester Weave Resists Puncture • Sold with Automatic Pump or Drain Pane•12 year warranty (solid covers)

Contact Us for more information or to have your pool measured for a custom quote.

Note: it takes up to 4 weeks for a cover to be manufactured and ship so the ideal time to order is at the end of the summer so your cover will be here when you’re ready for your pool closing.

Additional Services

Elite Pool Service offer additional services such as tile cleaning, deck power-washing and more. Contact Us for information!