Pool Leak Detection

You may think that a pool is just for fun and relaxation, but it can also be the perfect place to entertain your friends and family. It's an easy way to spend time together with those you love outside of your home or work setting. You'll never run out of things to do at a pool: swimming, playing games, watching movies on the big screen, tanning in the sun...the list goes on! But what do you do when you find yourself with a leaking pool?

A leaking swimming pool can lead to costly water loss in addition to threatening the safety of swimmers. Leaks or pool leaks can also lead to a host of other difficulties such as structural damage and skimmer problems. Whether you are a homeowner with a leaking pool or the maintenance manager of a public pool, it is your responsibility to ensure that you identify and address leak repairs.

It's not always easy to spot a leaky pool. If you think that yours might be leaking, try turning off the automatic refiller before looking for leaks manually! Fill up one bucket with water and record how much falls out each day over several days.

Pool leaks are often hard to spot, but there's a quick way you can confirm your suspicion. Turn off the pool's automatic filler and fill it up with water; then wait for it reduces by about an inch every day or so before recording how much has drained from the bucket next door (depending on size).

Pool Leaks - Professional Detection

We know that sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you have a pool leak. Especially in hot areas with high levels of water evaporation and lots of rain; even the tiniest drop will make its way into your home system, especially through small cracks or gaps around windowsills where water may seep down from upper floors due to poor construction practices like this one. If there are any signs whatsoever which point towards leaking pools such as increased bills for electricity used by pumps line etcetera then act fast before things get worse!

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Progressive Leak Testing

Pool leaks can be a real pain for property managers and homeowners. Pool water that drips onto the floor below is especially difficult to deal with because it leaves an impression in concrete, which will eventually lead to more serious problems if left untreated.

Successful leak detection and repair relies on information gathering, which consists of progressive leak testing pools- detecting. The process starts with looking for leaks in your swimming pool's plumbing system as well as internal parts like filters or pipes that lead into it from outside the home; once these areas have been pinpointed then they will need to be fixed before going any further - this includes hiring a contractor who has both expertise and resources necessary pool leak- detecting such that you can feel confident knowing everything possible was done during the repair.

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We know all the places leaks occur and the fastest ways to find and fix them.

Prevent Leaking Pool

Pools are designed and built to be watertight, but the ground can shift, and/or parts of your pool can degrade or just plain wear out, causing leaks. Pools can leak through the fittings, accessories, plumbing, or sometimes right through the shell.

It is important to repair any water leaks or pool leaks quickly not only to save water and chemicals but to prevent undermining the pool’s overall structure and foundation. Even a small slow leak can create large “voids” or holes underground, which can cause the entire pool structure to shift out of level and crack.

Pool leaks can be difficult to spot, especially if your pool has an automatic fill device. If you suspect that your pool is leaking, you can confirm your suspicions by turning off your automatic filler. Then, fill a bucket with water, place it next to your pool, and detect how much the water level decreases over a few days.

If your pool’s water level decreases faster than your bucket’s, you might have a pool leak. Be cautious and watch the levels in your pools.

If your leak is quick, it can cause your water level to drop too low and cause damage to your pool’s equipment. Ensure that the water is well above your pool’s skimmer and intake lines.

Identify a Leak in Your Pool

There are different types of pools, so there may be a few different areas leaking at once. The easiest way to find a leak in a pool is to splash water around and see if it starts disappearing from that area. It could also help to turn off all the lights in the pool, turn off the pumps, and take a small flashlight with you.

Shine it along the edges of your pool to see if water is sinking through. If you don't have time for these steps or find that there are too many leaks to figure out just by sight, then take a shop vacuum around your pool with you. Wherever the suction is pulling in the most water, that's where your leak is.

Signs your swimming pool is leaking include:

  • Losing water at a faster rate than evaporation
  • Cracks in your pool’s plaster
  • Your pool’s system won’t start

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if you have pool leaks, especially if you live in a hot area with high levels of evaporation. If you suspect your pool is leaking, the best way to confirm is to call a professional as soon as possible. Pool leaks can cause dramatic increases in water bills, damage pool equipment, and even weaken the structure of your pool.

Pool Contruction and Repair
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Services Offered - Pool Leak Detection

Swimming Pool & Spa Leak Detection

  • Pressure testing of all plumbing systems using compressed Nitrogen gas
  • Certified structural dive inspections
  • Comprehensive detailed reports including recommendations for repairs
  • Ultrasonic, molecular gas testing, and camera inspection units

Prevent Pool leaks on Winter

Pool winterization gives you greater peace of mind because it keeps your pool protected all throughout the winter season. The process involves draining the water from your pump, adding the required chemicals, and much more.

Without hiring a winterization service, your pool will be prone to debris. Costly issues will be effectively prevented making your pool a valuable investment. You are also keeping your pool in good shape with this service.

Winterization is an integral part of maintaining your pool. With this process, you will be able to save time and money during cooler months. You do not have to worry about pool closings because you get to keep your pool and hot tub open without worries.

Freezing can cause serious damages to your pool. This happens when the pool water freezes because it will cause pipes to burst.

Burst pipes need extra attention and this means that you have to consider repair services. This unforeseen issue can be avoided with winter pool maintenance. Our team of professionals will maintain your pool during this season.

  • Gunite/Concrete pool and spa repair
  • Fiberglass pool & spa repair
  • Vinyl liner pool repair
  • Crack repair
  • Skimmer repair
  • Underground pipe repair
  • Spa jet repair
  • First, we will perform a series of tests to find if your pool is positive for a leak.
  • Once we detect leaks, getting them fixed is our first priority.

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Pool Leak or Water Leak

Not addressing leaks can drain your water and increase your water bill. At Elite Pool Service, we take all of our repair services seriously. We know the inconvenience that leaks may cause. We make sure that the job is done correctly.

We perform all kinds of leak repairs for spas, swimming pools, and fountains. Since leaks can be found in skimmers, structures around the light, main drain, return lines, pool pumps, and filters you will need an expert to address the problem.

During the winter season, pools will lose water due to evaporation. While this is natural, if water loss starts to exceed the threshold, your pool will experience leaks. It is no surprise that those experiencing pool leaks have skyrocketing water bills. Elite Pool Service will detect leaks and provide estimates for repairs.

There are different types of leaks that you should be aware of. These are loose or broken tile, unsealed pool light conduit, loose fittings, leaking pool pump, damage on your underground pipes, malfunctioning pool equipment, and more.

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Concrete Pool Deck Leak Repair

For a standard concrete deck leak repair, we cut the concrete deck and remove stones to expose the leak. Leak detection for a pool with patio stone or interlocking deck is often less expensive than leak detection for a standard concrete deck. In most cases, with a very little digging, we can expose the pool leak and begin the repair.

When more than one plumbing leak exists in the same line, a quotation will be presented at the time of discovery. Our experts will re-test the repair or fix, backfill the hole, and re-concrete or replace the patio stones.

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