Energy Saving Variable Speed Pumps

Hayward Pool Supplies Dealer


Hayward variable-speed pumps are the most energy efficient of any leading brand and already meet upcoming Department of Energy Regulations.


VS pumps are a simple drop-in upgrade, making them the perfect replacement for your current pump.


Hayward VS pumps pay for themselves in as little as two seasons with incredible energy savings, PLUS PSO customers will receive a $400 rebate.

Did you know your pool pump could be your home's second largest energy user, adding as much as $550 every year to your energy bills? Energy Star certified pumps use up to 65% less energy than standard pool pumps, saving up to $445 in energy bills each year. According to, these savings mean you'll see the payback on the additional investment in less than two years.

New regulatory standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) affect in-ground and above ground residential and commercial pumps above 1HP and up to 2.5 hydraulic horsepower. Pool pumps manufactured for use in and imported for use in the U.S. after July 19, 2021 must meet new minimum energy efficiency standards. We also offer pool pump repair services.

If your current pump shows any of the following symptoms, it could be time to call Elite Pool Service about upgrading to a new variable-speed pump:

  • It seems less powerful than in the past

  • It makes noise

  • It occasionally gets hot and shuts off

  • It won't start or starts slowly

  • Your pump is 7-10 years old

Elite Pool Service is a Hayward Pool Partner and Platinum Warranty Center. Hayward's variable-speed pumps are the most efficient pumps on the market and deliver huge savings as well as industr leading warranties. Elite Pools is also a PSO Power Forward Partner. PSO offers a $400 rebate to pool owners who purchase energy-efficient pool equipment.

Additional rebates are available when you add automation. VS Omni variable-speed pool pumps are the easiest, most affordable way to add convenient scheduling and smart control to existing pools and spas. VS Omni variable-speed pumps seamlessly integrate with most equipment brands.

Variable-Speed Pump Features

Control your pool and spa scheduling from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet

Voice Control Assistant: Omni works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Adjust pump speed, set water temperature, turn pool lights on/off with a touch of a button

Save up to 90% in energy costs

Additional rebates based on available by manufacturer: call 918.893.3893