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We install pool lights along the interior walls of an in-ground swimming pool and feature specialized housing and components for safe operation. Pool lights are recessed and securely sealed to prevent water infiltration and can help to transform the look and feel of your outdoor environment. Upgrading your lighting is a dramatic way to renovate your pool.

When you're looking for a swimming pool light contractor, make sure they follow the latest safety codes and EPA guidelines. These codes ensure that the lights are safe to use around water and won't be harmful to your skin or eyes. They also prevent any electricals fire.

Pool lights should also have a warranty that covers any damages or defects that occur during installation, usage, or general wear and tear. They should last for several years and will require a replacement if they need maintenance of any kind. If you're having trouble with the light's wiring, your installer should be able to handle those repairs as well, so you don't have to worry about them and can continue to enjoy your pool and spa.

Any swimming pool lighting contractor you work with should also be best and experienced in replacing pool lightings so they understand the proper installation process. If lights are placed too close to water, for example, this is a fire hazard and can cause shock or electrocution when people come in contact with the lights' power source. Lights that aren't installed properly could also leak and cause damage to the surrounding area.

Light Ideas for Your Swimming Pool

Light ideas for swimming pool

Pool Deck

Revamp your existing pool. Chances are, there’s a lot of activity around your pool and spa. In-ground lights, as opposed to above-ground directional lights, are a great idea to light the way. No worries about the lights getting bumped, damaged, or tripping your active guests.

Is your pool decking concrete? How can we sink lights into it? Because we’re experts. We can drill concrete cores out of the decking to install fixtures and dramatically light your surrounding trees.

Moonlight Effect

If mature trees surround your pool, we install lights in the branches overhead to mimic natural moonlight. This creates intriguing shadows from branches and leaves onto the pool area.

No trees? No problem. We can create a similar effect by mounting lights high on your home’s soffits or gables.

Water Features

We might light a waterfall from underneath, so the light dances off the water. A wash light from the edge of the pool or from a tall tree nearby creates a soft flood of light.

Lights Structures

Don’t ignore the structures near your pool. Lighting them makes them part of the resort atmosphere.


All of your pool area lightings is available with an automated series, fully dimmable option that can be controlled with your preferred smart device. From pergola bistro lighting to downlighting, you can dim your lights as much or as little as you need to create the perfect poolside ambiance.

Dimming those lights will keep you from feeling like you’re dining under a spotlight and allows your pool area lighting to complement candles and outdoor fireplaces.

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Types of Pool Lighting


Older model pools and spa may have been outfitted with incandescent bulbs, although this technology is considered outdated by today’s standards due to limited options and comparatively high energy consumption.

LED Light

This energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs has a number of significant benefits that include:

  • Produces less led heat
  • Cost less to operate
  • Longer life span of approximately 30,000 hours compared to 5,000 hours for an incandescent bulb
  • Provides a brighter light while consuming less energy
  • Available in single color or led multicolored bulbs


Color-changing LED lights features are a fun way to customize your pool area and landscaping, and they can produce a fixed light or be pre-programmed to put on a led light show display using a remote control device.

Benefits of Hiring an Elite Pool Service™ Contractor

Water and electricity is a dangerous combination. Pool lights, pumps, heaters, and non-electrical metal components like the handrails, dive stands, and slide legs can be risks.

If the wiring, grounding, or bonding is done improperly, problems can arise even if the equipment is not powered on.

For instance, wiring that is not grounded properly can send electricity to the pool lights during the day.

An experienced, licensed pool contractor from Elite Pool Service has the training, experience, and expertise to installs and repair your wiring and equipment properly and prevent dangerous accidents.

Installation features of pool lightings involves a significant element of risk because of the possibility of electrocution. Even after installation occurs, you wouldn’t want to experience electric shock due to equipment failure while swimming in the pool.

All pool and spa wired by Elite Pool Service will surpass electricals code standards and incorporate ground-fault circuit interrupters, which automatically disconnect the circuit features in the event of a short to prevent electrocution. We only installs the highest quality wiring and materials to ensure the safety of our Elite customers.

For Beautiful Inground Pool Lights - Hire Elite Pool Service™

Our inground pool light installation service best takes care of lightings around, outside, and inside your backyard oasis. Also, we provide pool lightings updates if you’re fed up with your look.

We, at Elite Pool Services of Tulsa, will help bring to life your pool lightings ideas. We offer pool light repair service also if you have broken-down ingrounds pool lights installed. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

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