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Your pool pump performs several important functions and is possibly the most underrated part of your swimming pool and spa. It is the heart of the equipment pad. Without it, the system cannot move or filter water, and features such as salt cells, in-line chlorinators, and gas heaters are not able to operate.

If you start to experience issues, then pool pump repair is essential to keeping your pool ready for your next swimming session.  Here at Elite Pool Service, we are prepared to help you with any swimming pool pump issues and other pool equipment repairs.

Signs that You Need Your Pool Pump Repaired

Even with regular pool maintenance, your pool pump can still develop problems. Some of these pool issues can be repaired while others will call for pool pump replacements. But how will you know it is time to replace your pool pump?

Pump is Noisy

A functioning pool pump will be relatively silent, so something is wrong if your pool pump is noisy. You could experience noise when a pebble gets into the pool pump's impeller. You'll have to dismantle the pump to dislodge it. The most common reason for a noisy pool pump is failed bearings in the motor. This can be a result of poor build quality or water damage causing corrosion of the bearings.

Keeps Shutting Off

There are several reasons why your pool pump may refuse to start or shut down repeatedly. These includes overheating, an insufficient supply of power, clogged vents, and a damaged capacitor. When the unit keeps shutting off randomly, its overall pool performance will be compromised, then it also needs pool repair or replacement.

Old Age

If your pool pump is over a decade old, there’s a pretty significant chance that it will need pool repair or pool replacement. A dated pool pump will eventually have trouble meeting demands, causing the pool’s pump and motor to break down completely.

Loss of Suction

Pool filter pumps are a vital component of a swimming pool's circulation system. The appliances draw in water, and move it through a pools filter to remove impurities before pumping the clean water back into the pool. Loss of suction will negatively affect the ability of your pump to do its job efficiently. It may be necessary to replace the pool pump if the low suction is due to a serious pool problem.

What is the Average Life Span of Swimming Pool Pumps?

A commonly asked question. As the driving force behind your pool water circulation, pool filtration, and pool health, pumps are a vital piece of equipment. While most well-made pumps can last 8–10 years, they can still break down over time, and require pool pump repair or a complete replacement.

Swimming Pool Repair Service

Can a Pool Pump be Repaired?

Repairing a pool pump seems to be the most ideal option, especially if it's going to cost you less. However, that's not always the case. There will come a time when you’ve reached the limit for how many pool repairs you can do on your pool pump, and you’ll need to get a new unit.

You want to consider the age of your pool pump and what external forces it has been subjected to. Your pool pump when expose to extreme temperatures and storms, can easily wear out or break down. Plus, you have to weigh the repair costs and services involved before deciding on repairing your pool pumps.

When Do You Run Your Pool Pump?

  • If you want to save on your pool energy costs, you can run your pool pump at night to avoid peak hours. These are certain times of the day when electricity costs less.
  • You can run your pool pump overnight while your pool is not being used. This way, you get to wake up to a clean pool the next day.
  • Another time to run your pump is after a rainstorm. Rainstorms can leave debris in the pool, so you should run the pump longer than usual to filter out the contaminants.
  • Run your pump immediately after adding chemicals to disperse them.
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Pool Services: Pool Maintenance and Pool Repair for Your Pump

A well-functioning pump makes pool upkeep easier. But, as a pool pump is a mechanical device, regular pool maintenance is a must to ensure it operates efficiently and stays in prime condition. Here’s what you need to do to keep your pool in optimal condition.

  • Prime the pump of your pool
  • Lubricate the pool gaskets (or O-rings)
  • Provide pool air circulation
  • Clean the pump of the pool
  • Empty your pump and skimmer baskets of the pool
  • Backwash your pool filter regularly
  • Make sure your pool pump has ventilation and a cover
  • Avoid using an extension lead on your pool pump

Our team can help you with any pool pump repair services.

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Pool Service Repair and Maintenance

Elite Pool Service: Your Pool Pump Repair Shop

During the average lifespan of a pool or spa pump, there will eventually be the need for pool pump repair and services. There are many symptoms that indicate an existing pool pump may be in need of repair or replacement. Our pool maintenance team is here to help you with all your pool pump maintenance issues and other services.

Elite Pool Service offers pool repairs for residential and commercial customers. From minor issues to major problems with your pool pump, we’re here to help get this piece of equipment back up and running.

We specialize in services and repairs to your pool equipment including pumps. We have a team of certified technicians who can help you to avoid expensive replacements as much as possible, by offering ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Our Professional repair team offers expertise and experience to evaluate any spa or swimming pool pump problem. When pumps begin to make a loud grinding or whining sound, call Elite Pool Service. We will schedule a service call for your pool pump repair or get you a new pump installation estimate.

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Our Pool Repair Services Include (But aren't Limited to):

  • Mechanical Pump Seal Rebuilds
  • Wet End Pump Replacement
  • Installation of High PumpTemperature
  • Plumbing Pump Unions
  • High Voltage Pump Electrical Systems
  • Pump Diagnosis and Pump Rewiring
  • Pump Capacitor Replacement
  • Replacement of Pump Internal Parts (Impellers, Pump Diffusers, Seal Plates, Etc.)

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Swimming Pool Pump?

This ultimate question depends on how the pump damage occurred and if you caught the issue in time.

Mechanical wear and tear can be complicated, especially for pool pumps that operate outdoors and have very essential moving parts. It takes a qualified technician to check your pool pump for issues and to properly diagnose the problem.

Here are some of the things that we need to consider if we need to pool pump repair or replace your Pool Pump.

We Repair a Pool Pump If...

  • You only have problems with the bearing.
  • The pool pump repairs will not cost a lot.
  • The impeller is not deformed or broken – only stuck or clogged.

We Replace the Pool Pump If...

  • The motor passed the expected lifespan. Then a pool pump replacement is needed.
  • You have the old motor pump and you want an upgrade.
  • It keeps breaking down even after a repair.
  • The current pump is not performing as expected.
  • The repair cost is almost the same as replacing the whole thing.

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