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Acid wash is an affordable way to quickly improve the appearance of your pool. When a pool is chemically washed, we drain the pool. Then we carefully put an acid/water mixture over the pool surface and scour the area.

By doing this, the acid mixture burns a very slight coating off the swimming pool surface, getting rid of superficial or shallow discoloration. It is a fantastic way to make your inground pool look fresh and clean again.

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Acid-Washing Your Pool Removes Hard Water Stains and Discoloration from Algae Buildup

Once your water begins to look murky and unusually green or black, it's likely that your pool could use an acid wash. When performed by professionals, you get a clean new pool look while avoiding damage to the surface of your pool or spa.

Extending the life of your pool requires extra pool care. When your pool does not get the maintenance it deserves, it will easily be prone to all kinds of problems.

Stains and discolorations are one of the problems of pool ownership. The good news is you can address all these with routine pool maintenance.

While a pool can naturally have mineral stains and build-up, pool acid washing can solve all these. Calcium deposits can be damaging to your pool, so as a solution, we use eco-friendly alternatives to solve this problem. We make sure that pool visitors will be as safe as possible.

We Test First for Safe Acid Washing

Before we acid wash your pool, we test to find the source of the pool stain. Your pool or spa's safety is important.

We make sure that we balance the treatment program and your pool so the surface of your pool looks as close to new again as possible when completed.

We drain your pool as part of the preparation for pool acid wash services. The surface of the pool will be treated, and after the cleaning process, the pool will be refilled with water making sure its chemistry is monitored. Acid wash requires using chemicals. Because it is labor-intensive, we suggest you call our professionals to handle the job.

Elite Pool Service™ is the best place to go for pool maintenance if you want your pool's stains removed. If algae, lack of care, or stagnant water left a stain at the bottom of your pool we can help!

We've become one of Broken Arrow's leading pool companies because of our high-quality pool cleaning services and unparalleled customer experiences. When customers are happy with the results of our acid wash pool service we don't consider it complete unless they're satisfied too!

WARNING: Acid washing should only be done by professional pool service technicians because muriatic acid is a dangerous substance that has toxic fumes. Don’t tackle an acid wash at home; it can ruin the interior of your swimming pool if not handled properly or professionally.

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Benefits of an Acid Wash Pool Treatment

Acid washing service is a great way to get rid of algae and minerals that have accumulated in your pool Even when you have a pool filter and have monthly maintenance service, there are certain algae and minerals that can start gathering inside your pool.

  • Acid wash service acid destroys algae. Yes simple as that! Algae tend to accumulate in swimming pools during the "dog days" of summer and if they are made from plaster, can leave unsightly stains behind when killed with acid.
  • Copper and magnesium, both by-products of various biological processes, often deposit on surfaces leaving them stained. Acid kills these stains restoring your pool's appearance.
  • Pool cleaning does not damage the surface it cleans. This particular point is true for the great majority of surface types, including black plaster, brick, white and colored plaster, and name brand finishes.
  • If you have the right equipment, you can do cleaning service yourself. Pool maintenance can however require a great deal of work, which is why we should contact Elite Pool Services instead.
  • Nice Finish- If you have the right equipment, you can do a cleaning service yourself. Pool maintenance can however require a great deal of work, which is why we should contact Elite Pool Services instead.

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Acid for Pool Cleaning - Not a DIY Thing

Pool acid wash is definitely not the type of thing you want to try yourself.  We don't recommend pool or spa owners acid wash their own pool or spa. Reasons for this include potential dangers involving the materials required.

While we have nothing against DIY, given the chemicals that are used in the acid washing process, we recommend leaving this to a professional. At Elite Pool Service, we are patient and careful during the whole procedure. We make sure that the pool is properly drained and during the application of the solution, we are attentive to every detail.

When it’s time to scrub, no spot is left behind. Our service technicians have been thoroughly trained and will safely drain and wash your pool.

As for the safety of your pool's surface, there is a limit on how many times it can be acid washed. We highly recommend taking good care of your pool through a regular pool maintenance program.

Remove Stains - Hire Our Pool Acid Wash Services

A swimming pool acid wash is the perfect way to give your old, dirty pool a fresh start. It completely removes algae and phosphates so you can enjoy clear water with no residual chemicals after it's done!

Get a swimming pool acid wash by etching and cleaning your plaster, gunite, or Pebble-Tec surface. You can then fill the pool without any harm to its appearance.

To maintain clean and clear-looking water throughout the year, we recommend an acid wash for pools once per season.

Avoid more costly services like completely resurfacing your pool with an annual acid wash service.

How Do We Perform a Pool Acid Washing?

A technician will come and do the acid wash itself. It can take anywhere from 4-5 hours to complete depending on how bad it is for an average homeowner who has never done this before. The cleaning service includes draining, cleaning & refilling your pool but takes two or three days because of that time in between each step of our pool service involved.

Step 1. Pool Drain & Clean Services

During the drainage process, two things are essential: first, that the home has a sanitary sewer drain system. A septic tank will quickly overflow if the pool is drained into it. However, the old pool water shouldn’t be randomly drained in the yard, either because it’s full of chemicals that have the potential to contaminate the groundwater. The pool should be drained until it’s empty. When the pool is clean and completely empty, you can begin to acid wash the plaster, in the deep end. Put on protective clothing and rubber boots, goggles and wear a breathing mask designed for acid fumes.

Step 2. Pour the acid & Neutralize

Because acid washing takes a thin layer of plaster off of the sides of the pool, it shouldn’t be acid washed very often. The mix is a combination of muriatic acid and water, which is used to clean the sides and bottom of the pool in small segments, along with plenty of scrubbing to get the last bit of discoloration. The protective gear worn by the crew is to shield them from burns as a result of the muriatic acid. The wash is applied and rinsed in sections so the pool will be clean, but the wash won’t erode the plaster too much.

The acid puddle created at the bottom of the pool can be neutralized with soda ash. The resulting sludge often requires a submersible pump and container, both of which have to be handled and cleaned carefully, and the area rinsed.

Step 3. Add New Water

The techs will add a new batch of chemicals to the water during the refilling process, which will turn the tap water into pool water. Cooler weather works in favor of the acid wash, as fewer chemicals are needed to balance the pool.


Trusted Acid Wash Service Company

Acid Washing pool services is often mentioned but not always clearly understood. To achieve this, a thin layer of the pool or spa interior's surface will be removed by removing mineral deposits and dirt stains from your swimming area to give it an overall clean look along with restoring about 70-80 percent brightness that was originally there before acid washing began with our cleaning service.

Swimming Pool and Spas Acid Wash

If you have algae or any other form of debris in your pool, it can pose a lot of dangers to anyone trying to use the pool.

For commercial properties, glass breaking within a pool is hazardous because an injury could happen at any time and lead to lawsuits against hotel owners.

This makes drain and cleaning necessary whenever pools become unsafe for swimming. Whether due to broken glass causing cuts on swimmers’ skin; dirty walls providing nutrients for more algae growth; or just maintaining property value by cleaning up anything that may be unsightly - draining water from your pools should always come first.

Pool Tile Cleaning Services

Our pool tile cleaning services are better than any other local company, for good reason. We chose to use an eco-friendly medium that is less dangerous and doesn't even require us to drain your pool! Since we care about our customers, it's no wonder why you should choose us over anyone else in town.

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Our Elite Pool Service technicians are expertly trained to work with this material and have all the tools and equipment necessary to safely drain & clean your pool, as well as neutralize and pump out the wastewater.

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