Thanya Aroma Thai Massage - Catoosa, OK

Thanya Aroma Massage & Spa was originally established in Bangkok, Thailand in 2013. With nearly 10 years of experience, they offer trained professional massage therapists who will provide you with an excellent massage, combining the best of both Thai Traditional and Western-style massage.

When you hear the brand name “Thanya Aroma Massage” they want you to think of a welcoming place filled with friendly staff, a soothing atmosphere, & ultimate relaxation. It has been an exciting and rewarding journey developing their brand as they take great pride in providing the relaxation and relief their customers deserve.

They are genuine & passionate about their mission to introduce the community to the best Thai massage in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Only at Thanya Aroma Massage will you experience an authentic yet customized Thai massage experience, that rewards you with renewed energy, muscle relaxation, and good health.

They offer a range of services including Aroma Therapy Oil Massage, Thai Traditional Massage, Body Scrub Massage, & be sure to ask about their signature Thanya Combination Massage!

“You feel your stress floating away, every part of your body and mind being stretched and massaged into a deep soothing state of relaxation and bliss, all your worries escape you, now you’ve just experienced Thanya Aroma Massage!”

Thai Traditional Massage

An oil-free massage includes yoga-style body stretching and acupressure techniques. You choose medium to strong pressure paired with muscle stretching. This massage will enhance your body flexibility and circulation system through your inhale and exhale breathing.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage

A world-widely well-known therapeutic massage using essential oils from plants applies the Swedish Massage technique. It is absolute relaxation of body and mind as your senses are soothed by our both non-fragranced and aroma relaxing fragranced massage oils. As you smell and feel the relaxing fragrances of our warm massage oils while having your whole body worked on, you will be put into a state of tranquil relaxation.

Body Scrub Massage

This spa treatment soothes your body by exfoliating dead skin cells using a combination of sea salt, coconut fibers, essential oils, water, skin, or loofah. We offer you selections of types of scrub that are best suited to your skin condition. This helps rejuvenate your skin as well as gives you heavenly relaxation among the sweet fragrance of our natural scrub cream.

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