Terwilleger Heights - Tulsa, OK

Terwilleger Heights is located immediately south and west of Utica Square bordered by 21st Street, 31st Street, Utica Avenue, and Peoria Avenue. This area has early 1930s homes both grand and small, mature and many newly planted trees, winding streets, and is adjacent to the Philbrook Museum of Art and Woodward Park, site of the Tulsa Rose Garden.

Located in the heart of midtown Tulsa this neighborhood boasts prestige and beauty. Terwilleger Heights is a residential neighborhood with homes built primarily during the 1920s and 1930s. Homes range from approximately 2,000 to more than 4,000 square feet.

The neighborhood is bordered by Woodward Park, arguably the most-visited park in Tulsa -  where every couple has their wedding engagement photo taken, every graduate has his/her senior portrait shot. Utica Square is a village shopping area dating to the 1940s and is within easy walking distance. The Terwilleger Heights neighborhood is generally bounded by Peoria Avenue South, 21st Street East, Utica Avenue South, and 26th Place East.

The Terwilleger Heights neighborhood is generally bounded by Peoria Avenue south, 21st Street East, Utica Avenue south, and 26th Place east. It has a population of 1,066 residents with 92% being homeowners.

One of the more historic and revered neighborhoods in midtown Tulsa, Terwilleger Heights was developed in the 1920s with families’ oil money. The neighborhood includes vintage homes that were part of Colonel Terwilleger’s vision for a new neighborhood located around 21st and Utica, once considered the “outskirts” of Tulsa. With Woodward Park and St. John’s hospital also nearby, Terwilleger Heights quickly became one of Midtown Tulsa’s cherished neighborhoods.

Homes in Terwilleger Heights range from English Tudor bungalows to stately colonial mansions with an occasional adobe-style home mixed in. Prized for a wonderful location as well as a diverse mixture of home styles dating to the late 20s, many homes are updated to meet today’s homeowner’s needs. These homes retain their original beauty with hardwood floors, arched doorways, crown molding, plaster walls, basements, mature trees, covered porches, and detached garages. Comfort, convenience, and charm combined with a spectacular location could be yours to enjoy for years to come.

The eastern boundary of Terwilleger Heights is the Utica Square shopping center. Built-in 1949 to represent a comfortable village shopping area, Utica Square provides shops to purchase groceries, wine, fill your prescriptions, eat lunch, get a manicure and mail your packages. Utica Square may be known for its great stores and restaurants but it is the Utica Square events that are quickly gaining popularity. Over the years, Utica Square has established many events including Lights On!, Summer’s 5th Night, and Art in the Square. These free events allow the Utica Square Merchants Association and owners, Helmerich & Payne, Inc. to give something back to their customers and the community.