Sapulpa Fire Museum

Sapulpa has endured loss due to fires. Many of our historic buildings housed great businesses and industries, such as Yale Theatre, Lorane Hotel, Sapulpa Oil Refinery. However, multiple fires broke out in our town during its century of existence. Many of these fires are seen in the exhibit in the Sapulpa Fire Museum.

The building that is now the Sapulpa Fire Museum used to have a business called Standard Motor Supply. In the early 2000s, the Sapulpa Historical Society purchased the establishment and began renovating the building. The Sapulpa Fire Museum was designed to house two Fire Engine trucks along with fire department equipment.

Sapulpa’s fire engines are still operable and are used during Sapulpa's Christmas Parades. The trucks in our exhibit are great for kids where admire the roaring engine and loud bell on old-school engines. The trucks can be used to imagine what it would be like to race off to rescue while you sit in the front seat. Or you can try to imagine how a horse cart and wagon were used, and how buckets of water were the only tools of rescuing of the day.

The Sapulpa Fire Museum is part of the Sapulpa Historical Museum and celebrates the rich, century-long history of the Sapulpa Fire Department. The renovated building looks like a fire station from the street and houses many historical pieces of fire equipment and vehicles.

See a 1939 Ford fire truck as well as a 1949 American La France truck that has been preserved through the decades. The turn-of-the-century horse-drawn carts, ladder trucks, and assortment of other artifacts are special items that make a trip to the fire museum memorable. The 8x10 mural of the original firehouse and Sapulpa City Hall as well as a collection of over 20 enlarged photos of firehouses and fires that have stuck in the minds of the people of Sapulpa are both beautiful and a wonderful way to reflect on the past.

The Sapulpa fire museum is now open! It has been closed for repairs (due to the May 25th, 2019 tornado). Located at 100 E Lee Ave, they offer Free Admission to the public, fun for the family, and a guided tour to our three locations.

It is free, never crowded, a hidden gem of the Tulsa area. Super friendly staff who personally show you around all the exhibits.

Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM - 3 PM. Free Admission. A full tour of our museum takes approximately one+ hours, and we have docents (tour guides) who will show you through.