Sand Springs Home - A Children's Home Founded by Charles Page

Sand Springs Home was founded by Charles Page to be a place of love and security for children. He was committed to providing as home-like environment as possible and to seeing that his kids have every opportunity that other children had. With his motto of “Think Right”, he expected right behavior and actions. He believed that every child should grow up in an environment where they know they are loved have opportunities to laugh and play. He wanted the children to get a good education and good job skills for a successful future. Charles Page set an example for others in generosity and compassion, and his foresight causes his work to continue to touch the lives of children today.

The Sand Springs Children’s Home provides care to as many as twenty children in two family-style cottages. Each co-ed cottage, housing ten children, is a haven of security for children who have often experienced an unstable childhood. Creating an environment of love, support, and care is a part of helping many children to heal from the scars of abuse and neglect. Sadness begins to give way to hope as children grow toward healthier relationship skills.

Any child ages ten to eighteen or sibling groups of children who meet the criteria for placement are eligible for service. The Home serves children in DHS custody as well as private placements from anywhere in the state of Oklahoma. Services are offered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, or to any qualified person on the basis of a handicap.

Because of the Home’s family-style cottage setting, we can not serve children who are violent or aggressive, sexually acting out, or who can not be placed in a public school setting.

The Charles Page Family Village, formerly known as the Widow’s Colony, is a program designed to help single mothers get back on their feet.  The women are provided with a house, all expenses paid, so that they can attend school and/or work to better their lives and the lives of their children. The Charles Page Family Village provides homes for 108 families. The homes are duplexes consisting of two or three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and one or two bathrooms. All units have central heat.

Sand Springs Schools are in close proximity to the Village. All children are required to attend school. Tutoring is offered for children in need of assistance. Summer activities include a fun-filled week for the children at Camp Charles on the beautiful Grand Lake in Grove, Oklahoma. The Village also has recreational areas with playground equipment, as well as a swimming pool with lifeguards on duty in the summer. The mothers and children also have access to the Sand Springs Home Activity Center year-round. It can serve as an after-school program during the school year and has daily activities in the summer.

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