Mission Bell Museum

The First Presbyterian Church was built in 1907 in a late Gothic Revival style. By 1908, the building was closed due to the roof falling inward. However, the roof was fixed and a year later it was re-opened. By 1918, there were 34 members of the church. Around the 1950s-60s, the church was closed and abandoned. The building is no longer used as a church, and in 1972, it became the Mission Bell Museum. The building is now home to historic memorabilia and the 36 original church pews.

The chandelier in the center of the room was reportedly brought by boat down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and up the Arkansas River in the spring of 1907. Supposedly, the whole town turned out to meet the boat when it arrived at Coweta landing. The chandelier has since been wired, and rewired, for electricity.

Mission Bell has been located in the center of Coweta and is one of the most beautiful locations in Coweta. The Mission Bell still has its original chandelier which hangs in the center of the church. The chandelier was shipped by boat down the Ohio and Mississippi River, then up the Arkansas River.

The church still holds 10 of the original 32 pews. The Presbyterian Church held its final services in the 1960s. In 1972 the church became known as the Mission Bell Museum and in 2003 the museum was added to the national register of historic places. This unique venue offers everything needed to create your perfect event. They always make sure to provide their guests with the best service. Included are 10- original pews, 2- pub tables, 2- six-foot rectangular tables, black or white liens, and  5- 60" round tables, 45 chairs.

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Hosting your next event at Mission Bell is a wonderful way to add a unique element to your special event. Regardless of what your Wedding or Event needs are, they will guarantee that the Mission Bell team can accommodate every request to your precise specifications. The Venue is ready for your celebration so get the party started. You will not just hold your celebration here, but you will also take part in the history.