The Military History Center - Broken Arrow

The Military History Center in Broken Arrow houses a remarkable collection of military artifacts from almost every U.S. war, from the War for Independence to the present day. Military uniforms, weapons, photographs, newspaper articles, and much more fill the 6,400 sq. ft. facility. Many items in the museum's collection come from individuals and families from across the state, lending the museum a uniquely Oklahoma perspective on the military experience.

Among the items, you will see during your visit are two replicas of Civil War uniforms as well as an actual chaplain's coat and Bible from the Civil War. From World War I, there is a rare 1915 MG 08 machine gun on display. Among the many World War II items are a replica General Patton bomber jacket, rare German straw cover boots, and a Leica camera that is believed to have been used by Hitler's personal photographer. Artifacts from the Vietnam War include a display of a "tiger cage," which was a primitive structure used by the North Vietnamese to house American POWs. There are even items from Camp Phoenix in Afghanistan.

In addition to a variety of exhibits and displays, visitors will have the opportunity to hear these soldiers' stories through accounts in newspapers, magazines, and books including the diary of an American POW. The substantial library in the Military History Center is a great tool for research into military history and also a profound look into the lives and experiences of these brave soldiers.

Anyone interested in military history should head to the Military History Center in Broken Arrow, which is something of a labor of love, and which started as a private collection of military artifacts.

In 2012 the center was moved from neighboring Tulsa to Broken Arrow where it now sits in its permanent location in the Rose District and you will find a huge collection of memorabilia here that honors those who served in the United States military.

The center is staffed by volunteers who will give you a tour and who will explain all the historical and cultural significance of the items on display, and this is a moving reminder of the sacrifice of those who have served their country.

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