Keystone Trail - Sand Springs, OK

Hop on your mountain bike or set off on foot for an adventure through the scenic hills that surround Keystone Lake.  With a total of five miles, the Keystone Trail is a stacked loop system that gives you a choice of four loops, which wind through wooded forests, over creeks, and across rocky areas.  Each loop is well-marked with colored blazes.  The trailhead for the Keystone Trail is located on Old SH-151, just southeast of SH-151.

Just a 20-minute drive west of Tulsa, these trails offer a great way to recreate and envision the past! Trails are simple to navigate with markers showing easy to moderate ratings at this time. Hikers are advised to stay on the trails for their own safety and to reduce visitor impact. Hiking is recommended for ages 4th grade and older.

Green Loop: The beginner-level section of the trail is the Green Loop.  Starting at the trailhead, this route runs in an overall clockwise direction with twists and switchbacks to add variety and bring you back around to the trailhead.

Blue Loop: This intermediate-level loop branches off of the Green Loop to the left for a route with plenty of turns and twists.  Along the Blue Loop, you'll run across a Highline easement, and a technical descent awaits you soon after.  Stay on this loop and it will meet up with the Green Loop again, leading back to the trailhead.

Red Loop: From the trailhead, veer to the left to begin your journey on the Red Loop.  This is the longest of the loops on the Keystone Trail and is considered an advanced-level trail.  You'll head in a south/southeast direction for a while, then the trail turns back to the east.  Soon after this point, you have the option to go north on the Black Loop.  If you choose to stay on the Red Loop, you'll keep going east until the trail begins to wind around on itself, forming tight turns, switchbacks, and twists.  As you go back to the west, the trail runs almost parallel with a set of railroad tracks, then meets up with the Green Loop for a return to the trailhead.

Black Loop: This is the most challenging section of the Keystone Trail.  An expert-level trail, the Black Loop is accessible about 1.5 miles down the Red Loop.  On the Black Loop, you'll encounter switchbacks while tackling treacherous hills and dodging boulders.  The end of the Black Loop meets back up with the remainder of the Red Loop.

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