Joe's Farm - Bixby, OK

Bring the whole family to Joe's Farm in Bixby for a juicy, organic u-pick experience. All ages are invited to explore several acres of strawberries, hunting down the plumpest picks. Other seasonal crops available for u-pick at this certified organic farm include zinnias, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. In addition to organic produce, Joe's Farm offers local meats, dairy, and chef-prepared meals. After selecting a basket full of strawberries to take home, be sure to peruse the other seasonal flowers, herbs, vegetables, and products available for purchase from local growers at the retail shop at Joe's Farm.

Joe’s Farm is located in Bixby, Oklahoma on the fertile bottomland of the Arkansas River. We are a certified organic farm and have been growing organically for 30 years. Our commitment to your health and well-being is our priority.

Understanding the complexities of the soil and how to enhance its abilities to grow healthy crops has been key to us producing nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables. God has given us the honor of being stewards of this land and we hope to hand it to the next generation better than we found it. Our vision is not only to produce high-quality food but also to be a positive force in the community. We do that by providing a great place for people to bring their families and friends, as well as helping teach children about food and where it comes from. Our U-pick strawberries, flowers, and blackberries provide a fun, hands-on learning experience and connection to the land. Hope to see you at the farm.

Joe’s Story

Joe Tierney, a.k.a. “Farmer Joe” has been a Bixby resident for 30 years and is dedicated to growing the best organic produce. He purchased his property, 17.5 acres at the end of South Sheridan (in what used to be the middle of nowhere) because he recognized the healthy, loamy, riverbed soil was perfect for growing.

After transitioning from being a chef, Joe ran a wholesale produce company (Progressive Produce) that provided the finest quality products to the best restaurants and country clubs in Oklahoma. He then had an idea -- why not bring together the incredible network of food producers he'd formed relationships with over the years to offer these high-quality fresh, local foods directly to Tulsa-area residents? With this mission, he opened for retail in 2017.

Joe has pressed on through ups and downs and even expanded the retail area into his barn. This year, in addition to his own organic produce, he's offering the best local meats and dairy, and chef-prepared meals.

Joe loves to make people happy (how could anyone not get excited about trying purple carrots and candy-striped beets?) and his passion is to make a difference in the quality of local, organic produce available for Tulsa-area residents. He's now one of the largest certified organic producers in the state.

If there's a vegetable you don't know how to prepare, ask Joe. A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, New York), he was a professional chef in New York, New Jersey, New Orleans, and Kansas City before making Bixby his home.

Farmer Joe's dog, Maggie, runs a tight ship at the farm but also helps balance his workload with routine appeals for a treat break and ear scratch. In his free time, Joe loves to hike and fish.

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