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In the manufactured housing industry, manufactured homes, or mobile homes, continuously have a negative stigma placed on them due to outdated information and negatively perceived myths about the people who live in them. There is a lot of misinformation out there that can be very misleading when it comes to manufactured homes. Here at Legacy, They know They build a fantastic manufactured home product at an affordable price point. But They also want to educate people about manufactured housing.

Not all manufactured homes look the same, and they are even more unique when you custom build your home for your family. The sky is the limit when it comes to the layout, flooring options, countertop materials, wall colors, and kitchen appliances.

Manufactured homes, if properly maintained, often sustain their value and appreciate at a rate similar to the traditional site-built homes. Today's manufactured homes are so well-built, they are very comparable to a site-built home and therefore, a solid investment for homebuyers. Mobile homes built today are more relatable to current site-built homes than they are to the manufactured homes built in the 1970s.

The key to building up a mobile home's value, or equity, over time is to make sure your mobile home is securely placed on your land so that the mobile home becomes an original structure on your land. Just like a site-built home, your mobile home on your land builds up equity over time. Now, factors such as the location of the land, condition of the home, and demand for the land will determine how much value the property has.

At Heritage Housing in Sapulpa, their focus is on the customer plain & simple.  They let their home construction & quality speak for themselves.  You can shop the rest but buy from the best at Heritage Housing in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

At Heritage Housing, They have the largest selection of new manufactured homes in Sapulpa. Don't take their word for it! Visit their sales lot at their wide array of new mobile homes for sale. They will help you get your family in a new home this month.

With decades of experience, the staff at Heritage Housing is ready to help their customers in every phase of the home buying process. They are experts in Affordable Housing and manufactured homes!

Every single one of their competitors, up and down this highway, will tell you they build the best home for your money. What makes Heritage Housing in Sapulpa better than the rest, They build a great house your way and They stand behind it. When you take into account all the costs of owning a home over the years, you will find out that They are much more affordable. Their company motto is simple, "Build with quality materials and deliver the highest value. They will never waiver from their commitment. This is their Legacy!

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