Designing Your Custom Pool with a Pool Professional & 3D Software

Customizing your pool's design adds value and aesthetics to your place. When you build a customized swimming pool for your house, it becomes one of a kind, with no swimming pool like yours anywhere around the globe.  To build such unique swimming pools, you will need the help of the Elite Pool Service professionals.

The Elite Pool contractors will give you the perfect custom pool environment so you can experience the style and sophistication that a beautiful luxury pool has to offer.

But before we make it possible, we want to be sure, that we, your contractors, and your pool design are on the same page. The Elite Pool uses a 3D Pool Studio design system that allows us to create fully interactive 3D presentations.

With Pool Studios, we can generate 3D swimming pools models and customize them to create unique designs. Work with fully interactive presentations and customize the size, shape, dimensions, surfaces, and other elements. Save current progress and restore it later or make a custom design template.

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- Catrena Alford
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Choosing the Best Pool Shape for Your Backyard

Pools come in all shapes and sizes, but not all shapes are equal. One of the big decisions in swimming pool design is choosing the shape of your pool.

If you are planning to have a swimming pool in your home, then you should have plenty of options available to choose from. You can choose the shape and design based on your aesthetic preference. You can also choose the design and shape based on the availability of space.

The more informed you are the better prepared you will be to make good choices as you embark on designing a backyard addition. Now, let’s take a look at some common pool shapes.

Rectangular Pools

Rectangular pools may be the most common shape for swimming pools but they're also one of the least interesting.

Rectangular Pools are easy and simple to install. It doesn’t have too much space and is very practical in design. It is good for those who like to swim many laps a day. Keeping count of laps is easy in a rectangular-shaped pool. Don’t think that this design is boring.

For greater design options, rectangles can be modified. For example, you can round off the corners to soften the silhouette or include a round-shaped spa at one end.

Rectangle pools are the standard and the easiest shape to fit into your yard. They're also the cheapest option, but they don't offer much in terms of visual appeal - unless you're going for a very minimalist design!

If you have a typical-sized yard, you can expect to pay around $15-$30 per square foot of pool surface.

Oval Shaped Pools

Oval inground pools are geometric shapes with curved edges. The oval-shaped pool is less common. Making it one of the major draws for those who want more than a backyard pool.

Oval pools are well-suited for practicing swimming strokes it has enough length that you can swim without having to stand up every few strokes. Choose an oval pool if you plan to swim laps and need the extra length to make your laps more productive.

Round Shaped Pools

Round pools are more social because you can easily interact with everyone in the pool and the equidistance makes it convenient to talk, splash and play together.

Aside from play activities, almost all homeowners choose round pools over oval ones because of the price. You will be surprised how much you can save when building a round-shaped pool. Meaning you’re getting the best price per gallon. Thinking about it in these terms, an 18’ round above ground pool offers the same swimming area as a 12’ X 24’ oval above ground pool but for the same model often times up to $1,000 less. That’s a big price leap for essentially the only difference being shape.

Figure Eight Shaped Pools

Figure-eight pools offer the best of both worlds - they're easy to fit into smaller yards like an oval pool, but they can be used for both lap and recreational swimming like a rectangle pool.

Figure-8 shaped pools are great for families or those who want a pool to work for many activities. One end of a figure-8 pool does not necessarily have to be a mirror image in size of the other end. The figure-8 provides a nice separation for an obvious shallow area and a separate deeper area.

These innovative designs also take less time and money to construct than other shaped pools, and they can be more durable (less parts that can get damaged). However, figure-eight pools are still pricier than rectangles.

Freeform Pool

This pool is the best option if you already have a garden or pre-existing elements in your backyard. A free-form is what it sounds like—no hard rules on shape. Intrinsic to this design is that it can take on virtually any curvilinear form. You can use the available space to create a pool.

The design can be in any shape or form to fit the space available. These shapes are ideal when you are building your pool around existing features and landscaping


What more could a homeowner want than a pool that is perfect for play activities. Especially if the pool will serve as a retreat for multiple types of swimmers. An offshoot of the rectangle, the L shape is a good choice when you want a pool for diving or swimming, but also want a large shallow area.

Typically, the small extension or “foot” that extends from the main section gets used for the shallow end. This configuration allows youngsters to play in one area without interfering with anyone diving or doing laps across the long span.

The L-shaped pool was a natural extension of the typical rectangular pool. This type of pool shape is great for those who like to exercise or train by swimming laps, while still providing a smaller shallow-end area for young swimmers.

Lazy L-Shaped Pools

The lazy-l is a hybrid of the l-shaped pool. Swimmers can still take advantage of the long area for laps. It is popularly called lazy L since it looks the L design looks lazy and incomplete. It is ideal for a backyard where the pool is close to your home. You can position the L near the back door so that you can enter the pool through the L corner.

Another practical aspect is that the L-shaped part of the pool can be made shallow than the rectangular side. The diagonal shorter leg of the "l" shape provides more aesthetic appeal where a natural "entrance" to the pool occurs.

Design Your Custom Pool in 3D

The Elite Pool - Pool Designers uses Pool Studio. See your pool design ideas transform into fully interactive 3D with just one click. This is the professional 3D pool design software that we use in creating custom, shareable results easy for homeowners.

We’ll start with a blank 2D grid. Just like a piece of paper, then pool studio makes it easy to design with step-by-step stages and tools. It’s that simple.

As we design, the software is calculating important details of the project with smart data. Area and perimeter turn down step risers and displacement for hardscapes. Even estimate how much rebar and concrete will be used to build your dream pool. This 3D software will dramatically improve the work. Help our homeowners get stunning results and give more creative freedom than ever before.

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When you work with The Elite Pool Service, we will be with you from start to finish. We take care of all the details along the way.

We use state-of-the-art facilities to help you visualize the pool of your dream. We want homeowners to be emotionally invested in their projects. We will not simply show you photos or videos of our previous jobs or have them browse our website or Facebook. This is your home, your property, your project. We will make your 3D home look just like your real home.

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