Coweta Archery Park

Are you ready to shoot a mate with a bow and arrow? Be a Pro in Coweta Archery Park– fun, fast, safe, and full of action. Think of Archery Battle as a cross between Dodge Ball, Paintball, and Archery. There are no painful bruises like after paintball and it’s completely safe. Great fun for teams and groups. Come out for an action-packed afternoon of adrenaline and a good dose of competitive fun.

Archery Park truly believes that traditional archery has a positive effect on people of all ages. But the ones that need an adventure experience the most are often also the ones that don’t have the means for such an activity.

Coweta Archery Park welcomes qualifying traditional and recurves archers to use the facilities for training and fun. And of course, it is for FREE. Compete for the best archer on our range and try your skills at lifelike archery targets or battle it out in an epic Archery battle.

Archery is an exciting and fun leisure sport for everyone. It is a place for experienced and beginner archers to train and enjoy the sport. A fun way to engage and work for teams. This is a place where people can enjoy the sport of traditional archery, a place where families can spend a day outside, a place where the mind is at ease with itself and reconnects with nature.

The Coweta Archery Park is a free community Archery Park open daily from dawn until dusk. Head to the Coweta Archery Park for a fun and exciting outdoor activity. This archery park welcomes archery enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to enjoy a state-of-the-art facility. Experienced and novice archers alike will love the range of activities available at this archery park. The Coweta park features 12 archery lanes accommodating 24 targets for archers. Additionally, a 12-foot elevated shooting platform stimulates bowhunting from a tree stand. The Coweta Archery Park is conveniently located within the Coweta Sports Complex.

The Archery Park has been funded by The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Archery Trade Association (ATA) who provided a grant of $42,000 for archery equipment. The City of Coweta provided a contribution in land value, site preparation, and a donation to construct facilities worth $55,000.

It is such a beautiful outdoor range. The targets are from 20 yards out to 93 yards. And a platform to shoot. Well maintained and clean, targets were a little rough but that’s to be expected when people shoot them.

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