Catoosa Historical Museum

The Catoosa Historical Museum is a collection of nearly 500 items, both local and national. The majority of the items are donated by local families and businesses. It is a volunteer ran and funded by the public.

The museum building is a replica of the Catoosa Train Depot which was an important part of Catoosa’s history. Inside the museum, you can track Catoosa and American History from its start as an abandoned fort, to a major railhead, and a stockyard community into the modern city it is today.

The museum is on an original portion of Route 66 in Catoosa, Oklahoma. It is just down the road from the D.W. Correll Museum and the Blue Whale.

A large variety of unique memorabilia fill the museum's rooms. Photographs, newspapers, clothing, household items, and many other items about their local history. The displays are clean and well organized. They have many unique and rare items one being the Navajo Indian rug that is over 100 years old. It was traded for potatoes in 1914. The items within the museum each have a story behind them coming from Catoosan’s from the past.

The first room is filled with its older items. There are many photos of the original ranchers and businessmen, and a selection of record albums from Catoosa’s famous musician Gene Autry. He was born in Texas but considers himself an Oklahoman living and working most of his young life in Catoosa. (Known for many famous Christmas songs and others)

Before he was a musician he worked as a railroad depot agent. Once he left Catoosa he became known as “America's singing cowboy” on the radio and in movies in Hollywood. There are many other items in this room but I’m going to leave the suspense and let you come see them yourself.

The second room is filled with unique items. They have a display for the Port Of Catoosa which was dedicated in 1971. The Port of Catoosa launched the city into the future with the furthest inland shipping port in the United States. There are also many old American houseware and kitchenware items. Many items in this room are from the WW2 days. There is a set of clothes from Otis and Ruby Johnston. Otis was a turkey farmer and became a WW2 Army Air Corporal. Ruby served Catoosa Public schools teaching commerce and Spanish for 19 years. There really are many interesting items you need to come to see for yourself.

Train Caboose

An old Frisco Caboose sits outside of the museum. It is a great spot the let the kids out and climb on the train car. It also makes a great place to take photos.

D.W. Correll Museum - Catoosa