Boulder Coffee - Sand Springs, OK

When it comes to coffee, the expert baristas at Boulder Coffee in the heart of Sand Springs know just how to deliver, and whether you want your brew at the cafe, your car, or other nearby location, they've got you covered. Specializing in delicious, locally roasted coffee drinks and loose leaf teas steeped to perfection, this locally-owned hot spot is a fun location for a family date, one-on-one and group meetings, or individual work time. The unique drink recipes, a relaxed vibe and friendly service make this coffee shop a favorite in town.

From the "Weirdo" house blend coffee or chocolate-covered cherry latte to four delicious flavors of low carb, keto-friendly lattes, you're sure to find a signature drink to satisfy your caffeinated cravings. Choose from artisanal pour-overs with double shots, Americanos, a host of tantalizing lattes, and more at this gem of a coffee house. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Tiramisu latte topped with house-made whipped cream or try the "Adoto" - vanilla Dippin Dots with two shots of espresso poured on top. Plus, herbal tea selections are far from run-of-the-mill blends at Boulder. Monthly loose leaf tea specials are blended specifically for Boulder Coffee and steeped fresh for delightful iced or hot tea orders.

Whether you seek a comfy place to read and drink coffee or a new family date place, you'll find it at Boulder Coffee.  And with deliciously bold specialty drinks like the truffle latte topped with house-made whipped cream, you might also need to get a second cup to-go.

Be Bould

Cutting through the Absaroka Mountains of Montana is the beautiful Boulder River. This river is truly a place to rest in God’s creation and recharge.

A single, less than developed, road lines the side of a mountain as the only path to reach the river, unless by foot. This road will lead you to the river, yes, but only those that are seeking adventure and unmarked beauty dare to take on the dangerous trail of a road to set up camp. For those that do reach the campground, peace can be found in the river’s seclusion and wilderness.

As a young person Danielle, an owner of Boulder Cups, during one of many visits to this campground, discovered a fallen tree that the river had taken down the river from miles upstream. The tree had naturally been smoothed into a log and was placed across the snowmelt river as an invitation to new discovery and adventures.

While Sand Springs, Oklahoma is many miles from the nostalgia of the mountains, the Myers family hopes that Boulder Coffee will be a place of community. A place that encourages you to think Boulder thoughts and join in the adventure of the mountain.

Case Community Park - Sand Springs, OK