Bark West Dog Park - Jenks, OK

Make your pet's day with an outdoor adventure at Barkwest Dog Park in Jenks. Located near the Parkwest athletic fields, Barkwest is a 3-acre public dog park with fenced areas for small and large dogs with fenced areas for small and large dogs, sitting areas, and water fountains. Let your furry friends roam leash-free in a safe, fenced-in environment with plenty of shade, benches, and picnic tables for humans. Get outside with your pet and enjoy the spacious Barkwest Dog Park.

Like many other towns, Oklahoma is well-known for its peaceful gardens. Bark West Dog Park gives the residents a chance to take a break for a while and enjoy. You can use it to do pranayama, meet people, listen to music, have a picnic, smell flowers, participate in celebrations, lay down on a bench, arrange a date, sunbathe or bring a dog in your free time.

There is all-day shade under many mature trees, nice watering stations, benches, even shaded parking for the dog owners. Most especially it is very nice that it is open 7 days a week.

It is a wide-open space for your furbabies to run to their heart's content, in a flat and grassy area. The park is divided into a small dog (up to 35 lbs) and a large dog size (larger than 35 lbs) so your dogs can play safely. There is also a water hose and bowls so your pets can drink. For the dog owners, there's also a comfortable area to sit with benches, under an awning so you're out of the hot sun.

The other dogs and pet owners are very friendly, and most people are pretty good about cleaning up after their dogs. Lots of room for them to run and play in. They have water buckets you can refill for the dogs too. Great spot with small hills and some trees. The nice long-running fence on the south side. It has two very large dog areas, lots of shade trees, benches, and covered areas for humans. Water is available as well. The Dog Park is close to a very quaint town.

Bark West Dog Park is pet-friendly. This nice park has two separate play areas and lots of shady spots. You'll also find scattered seating, multiple entrances into the park and shaded parking. The park is open every day of the week from 6am to 7pm.

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