American Inheritance Confectionery - Coweta, OK

American Inheritance Confectionery in Coweta combines traditional Belgian techniques with America’s rich confectionery history to give customers a truly unique chocolate experience. From colorful truffles and chocolate-dipped apples to gourmet chocolate bars and French macarons, this small confectionery offers customers a world of flavors in a variety of pastries, candies, and other desserts. Stop by the shop throughout the year for seasonal themes and creative displays or find American Inheritance's pop-up shop at the Mother Road Market in Tulsa.

At American Inheritance, they aim to combine the quality and prestige of Swiss Chocolate with the flavors handed down through American families for centuries.

American has a long and diverse confectionery heritage, but these aren’t just recipes. These are stories waiting to be told. Confectionery tales picked out long ago by a generation-long passed and perfected over the years. Family gatherings wouldn’t be the same without them, and they’ve all looked forward to them since they were kids. They bring us together as family and friends and forge communities from strangers, leaving them with memories that will last a lifetime. These recipes are the foundation of the great nation. They represent the cultures that brought them here, the culmination of the communities they created, and a legacy left by those who came before us. These recipes are their American Inheritance, and they couldn’t ask for more.

They are on an exploration of America’s confectionery heritage. They seek to honor these time-honored recipes, and in turn, pay homage to them crafting their own unique confections in their likeness.

American Inheritance Confectionery aims to combine traditional Belgian techniques with America’s rich confectionery history to give customers a truly unique chocolate experience. They’ve taken the distinguished history of Belgian chocolate and combined it with the confectionery traditions of the most diverse country in the world, truly setting the standard for chocolatiers the country over.

When they create our truffles, chocolate bars, and everything else, they always find a way to tie them into American history in one way or another. From their whiskey caramels inspired by presidents to truffles like the Jim Thorpe, a honey pecan butter ganache enrobed in milk chocolate and dark chocolate. They love history and they love chocolate, combining the two just made sense.

They are excited to share their skills and chocolate knowledge with you in their class settings, ranging from adult classes to simpler hands-on projects for homeschool groups and other young children, they can’t wait to see what you can create.

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